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Bad Luck, or Destiny? (Archived)navi85453/20/2014
We f***ing hope to see you again? Seriously you masochistic nurse b****?! (Archived)
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Rate these attack ideas: Tumbleweed and Turbo Spin. (Archived)Duncanwii73/20/2014
You should go to Vernal Plaza if you want your Deerling (Archived)fedartz63/20/2014
First time iV breeding, Does this look right? (Archived)
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Gardevoir traced Ducklett's Big Pecks! (Archived)Wandering__Hero53/20/2014
So I keep seeing topics on the trading board asking for 3DS and 2DS console pins (Archived)
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Latias or Latios? (Poll)Magikarpus13/20/2014
I brake smogon laws (read) (Archived)
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Dragon Dance Gible (Archived)ChronoAce63/20/2014
Why can't smogonites handle opinions? (Archived)
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All the moves that have an AoE effect but not on your allies? (Archived)
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I am unbeatable at triples (Archived)jb0804593/20/2014
Good team for competitive with friend? (Archived)myoldname83/20/2014
How seriously do you take Pokedex entries? (Poll)
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Favorite allies/Rivals in the series? (Poll)GatedSunOne103/20/2014
I am unbeatable at doubles (Archived)
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i f***ing love f***ing Mamoswine! (Archived)
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I'm unbeatable at humbleness! (Archived)Shigmiya6483/20/2014
I just got a Kyurem from a wonder trade (Archived)ItronTime103/20/2014