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AV Club: Distressed dad seeks Pokemon related guidance about his Pokesexual son (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman213/19 9:49PM
A quick question regarding Mawile EV spread. (Archived)BoomerangRanger33/19 9:40PM
Rate the X/Y Move - Day Four: Celebrate (Poll)
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DrainDeimos173/19 9:32PM
What pokemon would Putin main? (Archived)
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javel34123/19 9:19PM
People who use the Lets Battle! mssage.. (Archived)Revisiti103/19 9:15PM
Is this a good Whimsicott set? (Archived)mech dragon73/19 9:13PM
Can Dig and Solarbeam be used during Rest with the aid of Sleep Talk? (Archived)ajko00023/19 9:13PM
Need a little direction. (Archived)BahamutDarkFire23/19 9:11PM
My Maison team Help please (Archived)TatWhiteGuy23/19 9:07PM
Currently....(part 3) (Archived)Dantromon13/19 9:07PM
ITT: We Make Up Entry Hazards, Etc. (Archived)
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123outerme133/19 9:03PM
Only 1 Mega Evolution per battle correct? (Archived)
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ajko000163/19 9:03PM
What if clear body made you immune to status as well as stat drops. (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry253/19 9:01PM
So is officially done? (Archived)
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ToDaXtreme123/19 8:59PM
Several questions with the Masuda Method (Archived)XmortalX33/19 8:58PM
Why do people think a third Colloseum entry would be pointless? (Archived)
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davidledsma243/19 8:51PM
Super-sized Gourgeist Strategy (Video) (Archived)TheRamosOnline73/19 8:47PM
Create a mystery gift (Archived)
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Dantromon173/19 8:47PM
Caterpie is dench (Archived)
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Dantromon153/19 8:45PM
dd and poison fang tyrunt (Archived)Shenji00243/19 8:44PM