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Are you able to get the Diancie and the event legendaries through Power Save? (Archived)
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gg132143/4 6:37AM
is pokebank still down? (Archived)toothpiq33/4 4:54AM
Is there calculators for Hidden Power breeding? (Archived)FryDays500023/4 4:26AM
When to stop using EXP share? (Archived)
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iCurious143/4 4:17AM
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Using Aegislash (Mixed Attacker moveset) (Archived)Xero Green53/4 3:53AM
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Don't get me wrong, I love me some pokemon. However... (Archived)
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rofldog403/4 3:32AM
ds/ds lite wifi foing offline march 20th (Archived)
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SAP_The_Bull233/4 3:06AM
So how many generations until we get the original dragon? (Archived)
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NeoSioType143/4 3:00AM
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