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Will PokeGTS still work after the May 20th shut down? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart63/17 2:21AM
Just going through the game, worth evolving pikachu? (Archived)Zeron RB73/17 2:06AM
Why doesnt Crobat get all the "fang" moves? (Archived)
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dioxxys213/17 1:40AM
Best user(s) of Trick Room? (Poll)tadashii1813/17 1:34AM
The more Pokemon I got, the worse I perform at online battles. (Archived)hodelino53/17 1:31AM
What was your first main series pokemon game? (Poll)
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themegaman7333/17 1:30AM
Give me some rare gen 6 Pokemon to breed! (Archived)Pokemaster236173/17 1:14AM
Help fixing AR DS (Archived)jEr3mY73/17 1:04AM
Which misspelled Pokemon name do you see the most? (Poll)
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Dembonez19473/17 12:57AM
Just hatched a shiny Honedge, looking for set advice (Archived)
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CM_Ponch363/17 12:55AM
Hunting legendary bird is not fun :( (Archived)
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Dark2163/17 12:49AM
What do you want to see in Pokemon Z (Poll)
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FatReuniclus243/17 12:36AM
What happened to the Bunnelby and HA Fletchling Serena had? (Archived)
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davidledsma283/17 12:29AM
can you breed a HA poke without either parents not having the HA? (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr93/17 12:25AM
YR: All Eeveelutions get Mega Evolutions. (Archived)
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FightingPolygon143/17 12:14AM
Can Gigalith do anything? (Archived)
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hodelino233/17 12:11AM
Sandstorm Team help (VGC style not Kalos Restricted) (Archived)Victin1rox73/17 12:10AM
Best Brave Bird user? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon133/16 11:58PM
BS moments in battle maison (Archived)pyojoon103/16 11:51PM
Flatter raises Sp. Atk by one stage or two stage? (Archived)chittapanu103/16 11:46PM