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Stupid Question, are move tutor moves breedable? (Archived)Jigglybuff52/5 5:00PM
When is Game Freak gonna make Dinosaur a type? (Archived)
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TheAquaman803312/5 5:00PM
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WT 5IV Modest Treekos with Overgrow/Unburden (Archived)Pokemoni12/5 4:58PM
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Did anybody go straight to Amie with their new Bankmons... (Archived)
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Aquard132/5 4:56PM
Egg move questions! (Archived)Lunaby42/5 4:54PM
Poke Transporter error 006-0501, but Bank working just fine (Archived)
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Helsionium142/5 4:54PM
Need help making a 6IV Ditto in pokgen (Archived)N3ONBLAST42/5 4:54PM
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