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F***ing Knock Off on every f***ing Pokemon (Archived)
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hodelino332/14 5:09PM
So what happens if... (Archived)miosid_0342/14 5:06PM
Which water type gives you the most trouble? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage152/14 5:04PM
Prankster Darkrai would be hilarious. (Archived)
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achimed122/14 5:01PM
YR Cloyster is Rock/Ice now (Archived)gkathellar42/14 4:54PM
Hex or Shadow Ball on my Evolite Misdreavus? (Archived)Misdreavus57362/14 4:53PM
how many teams singles have yoooooo used which dont run stealthrocks (Archived)kadabrium62/14 4:51PM
Does anyone have a vulpix with drought? (Archived)ROMEL151552/14 4:50PM
S.T. + IV Breeding = Lv. 1 Perfect Pokemon (Archived)123outerme92/14 4:50PM
There should be a fast and offensive rock type (Archived)
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wwwgippal2122/14 4:50PM
Shiny everywhere on battle spot (Archived)kclaujames72/14 4:45PM
Wow what a ***** (Archived)
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Puppyfaic172/14 4:44PM
Shiny Xerneas, Zygard, Hoopa, Diancie, and Volcanion (Archived)ssb_master42/14 4:42PM
Can genderless Pokemon pass down Hidden Abilities? (Archived)Puppyfaic32/14 4:39PM
oh gawd prankster destiny bond (Archived)ArcXenos102/14 4:37PM
Baffled. Care to explain this to me? (Maison hax) (Archived)pancakes77122/14 4:36PM
"I'll be away to pursue the Mythical Pokemon" (Archived)DarkerGrey52/14 4:32PM
Event Pokemons You Own (Archived)
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blackheart0129212/14 4:32PM
Stat Training in Red and Blue (Archived)
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Shigmiya64122/14 4:29PM
Which protagonist is the canon one from each gen? (Archived)Cedlow32/14 4:27PM