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That last egg.... (Archived)
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MahoganyTooth92183/6 1:14PM
Talonflame is a bad pokemon used by players who can't use strategy... (Archived)
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pcmike2493/6 1:06PM
What makes you give up when in the Maison? (Archived)Moe_Lester_1353/6 1:03PM
Pokemon that are surprisingly fast/slow? (Archived)
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Blackcat0123173/6 12:38PM
Completed the national Dex, but something weird is going on. (Archived)Caissie0753/6 12:31PM
What was up with that fat game dev guy talking about his favorite girls in RSE (Archived)NME_Enterprises63/6 12:24PM
There are so many pokemon i dont like..... (Archived)drlolimaster103/6 12:23PM
What should I EV train my Honedge? (Archived)
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OUTLAW2009133/6 12:10PM
Dodrio needs Gale Wings. (Archived)
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CakeOfLies123/6 12:06PM
Charizard X Team suggestions? (Archived)LMFBO63/6 12:04PM
Garden Maze Ideas (Archived)TheBoBiZzLe8123/6 11:56AM
If you use dig with Gliscore, can you be hit by earthquake? (Archived)Zenzo9653/6 11:56AM
Possible to use dna splicer more than once? (Archived)PyroSpark33/6 11:48AM
Rarest pokemon in the franchise? (Archived)
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Patriarch105953/6 11:46AM
Dullahan pokemon for future gen (Archived)
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kagenoronin87203/6 11:43AM
Shiny Larvesta but... (Archived)shiniesfan63/6 11:42AM
What can Rotom (regular form) do well? (Archived)mech dragon83/6 11:40AM
Manipulating the 3DS clock to get Rotom to appear (Archived)Xelotah93/6 11:37AM
YR: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres get their respective weather ability. (Archived)
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Jo145143/6 11:36AM
I only JUST realized the reason behind Zapdos+Garchomp in doubles. (Archived)
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ssb_master133/6 11:33AM