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Do you use other peoples pokemon? (Poll)
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Pikachu222143/17 4:54PM
Houndoomite banned?O_O lol (Archived)
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Carlos994123/17 4:51PM
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Missing mega stones? (Archived)ThatOneKid5793/17 4:43PM
What is a good moveset for a Specially Defensive Latias? (Archived)brielski246813/17 4:41PM
I'm so done right now (Archived)
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Benaldric113/17 4:40PM
Ahhhh.. reclaimed shiny Geodude after brother turned off game (Archived)RichieL1991103/17 4:40PM
Remember when pseudo legendaries used to be really strong? (Archived)Slayerblade1193/17 4:33PM
What was that one Pokemon game where having shiny actually gave a boost? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe123/17 4:28PM
Gardevoir is now my favorite Psychic type. (Archived)davidledsma73/17 4:16PM
What's the Worst? (Poll)DrakJay93/17 4:15PM
Pretty hilarious match where abilities were tossed around like a hot potato. (Archived)evilsquirrle23/17 4:06PM
Why was Steel Wing made a TM of all things? (Archived)hekifier83/17 4:03PM
Rate My Team (Archived)DrakJay83/17 3:59PM
Geez, what's with level up moves this gen? (Archived)Mystery_Cooper43/17 3:53PM
Does characteristics matter a lot? (Archived)WorldTrader103/17 3:53PM
Battle Video's (Archived)Nem_Kosz13/17 3:41PM
What If... (Archived)123outerme33/17 3:35PM
So I'm trying to get Dragon Dance on my Charmander (Archived)
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KobeSystem143/17 3:30PM
pokemon omicron (Archived)goyetche13/17 3:24PM