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Probably the best match I've had in a long time. (Archived)Puppyfaic12/22 4:00PM
Rate my very first competitive team? (Archived)NDN_Shadow82/22 3:55PM
can't people abuse powersaves to get "perfect" records? (Archived)Ballinari72/22 3:54PM
Do you have to reach a certain point in the game before you can use pokebank? (Archived)iammaxhailme22/22 3:54PM
mega garchomp should get a mega (Archived)
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fakefire112/22 3:51PM
So i've been using machamp lately... (Archived)
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Caolan_2k9122/22 3:49PM
Reaction: a lati@s event is released with the mega stones (Archived)gamepimp1252/22 3:44PM
LolPikachu. (Archived)derrickrosefan122/22 3:42PM
Do Smeargle teams really rely on it THAT MUCH? (Archived)Puppyfaic102/22 3:36PM
Are you concerned about normal evolutions from past gens fading away? (Poll)Chenmaster2102/22 3:35PM
Wow, this article is painful to read (Archived)
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Enferolunos162/22 3:32PM
Y/R Toxic (Archived)SoTactfullyEvil92/22 3:29PM
which gen had the worst starters (Archived)
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fakefire1212/22 3:26PM
Mega Volcarona (Archived)
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LightningAce11142/22 3:21PM
How many people that play online actually follow Smogon's rules? (Archived)
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Safer_777142/22 3:20PM
burn and foul play (Archived)burningfire5222/22 3:16PM
The "smogon can't beat it therefore they ban it" logic makes no sense. (Archived)
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Taiphlosion1452/22 3:15PM
Ditto breeding question (Archived)EasilyDistract32/22 3:03PM
Why no Gen 5 megas? (Archived)
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Benify132/22 3:03PM
ShadyPenguin's charity tournament live. (Archived)Caolan_2k932/22 3:02PM