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New news! It has been revealed that... (Archived)
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SalsaSavant133/14 8:25AM
Who ever decided Mantyke/tine and Skarmory capture rate needs to be shot (Archived)kazooie95923/14 8:24AM
Thinking of playing a bit this weekend. What is the standard metagame like now? (Archived)IrishMercenary53/14 8:17AM
Every Pokemon's ability is replaced with Truant (Archived)
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XxmonsterxX223/14 7:56AM
how many damn darkrai events are there gonna be? (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami83/14 7:50AM
Is vanilla SP Charizard even slightly viable anymore? (Archived)iKhan8873/14 7:50AM
do pokemon ever get sick? like, do they get the flu? (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami163/14 7:43AM
When should I use my Master Ball (Archived)
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matthew_94123/14 7:37AM
Red's team in TPP Crystal is the team from the original TPP stream (Archived)
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MogKnightAzure163/14 7:27AM
Has anyone written a book on Pokemon? (Archived)kclaujames83/14 7:27AM
Camerupt should have kept Numel's abilities (Archived)Nanahara71523/14 7:26AM
Switch Moves Around (Archived)baseketballr0923/14 7:00AM
Which Gen 5 Pokemon are worth it for the main story? (Archived)
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PkmTrainerAbram163/14 6:48AM
If you're not down for SwagPlay, then I got two words for ya Smogon. (Archived)
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jb08045193/14 6:43AM
do you create your movesets and strategies or follow smogon ? (Archived)neo1mark63/14 6:40AM
Is it safe to save your game in Lumiose now? (Archived)Xatu23583/14 6:28AM
Did nobody at Game Freak go "You know, the camera in Lumiose is kind of awful"? (Archived)
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PhoenixWroggi343/14 6:17AM
If one type needed to become weak to normal what should it be? (Archived)
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themegaman7163/14 6:11AM
Please help me with my first online team! (Archived)Ventwig33/14 6:11AM
How is Ho-oh so good? (Archived)
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themegaman7143/14 6:03AM