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Smogon now has viability rankings up for UU (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman622/22 3:58AM
Opinion on Twitch Plays Pokemon? (Poll)
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DemPokermanz482/22 3:55AM
question about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y (Archived)GTthunder42/22 3:45AM
I just wonder traded my Rayquaza away. (Archived)
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LightningAce11192/22 3:42AM
Best starters of each gen? (Archived)LightningAce1132/22 3:35AM
ITT: Post high quality replays (Archived)kclaujames42/22 2:54AM
Can I mega evolve my Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium? (Archived)
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TanyaGD212/22 2:42AM
Input on Dragalge (Archived)
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ThJok3r112/22 2:25AM
An interesting video. (Archived)darkdragonflame32/22 2:21AM
can someone battle me and give me advice after? (Archived)
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itseasyreally112/22 2:09AM
Which of these new types sound the best? (Poll)
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AIien803272/22 2:00AM
Rng xerneas. To keep or mot to keep. (Archived)spartanick32/22 1:55AM
SR xerneas. (Archived)spartanick22/22 1:51AM
YR: Huge Power and Pure Power no longer double the user's Attack stat (Archived)Shigmiya6482/22 1:50AM
Twitch keeps playing Pokemon. (Archived)Puppyfaic92/22 1:50AM
How long can I use Pokebank without paying before it erases my Pokemon? nt (Archived)Darkraiomb52/22 1:45AM
Can't get Celebi from Pokebank (Archived)Anomic9362/22 1:39AM
Getting BP (Archived)Cha0s_X1yu32/22 1:37AM
good team for battle maison singles? (Archived)GoodOlJr42/22 1:36AM
Now that showdown has 3d sprites like in the game, is it pointless to own a 3ds? (Archived)
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pcmike2812/22 1:27AM