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jdeo1997403/2 4:35PM
scam trades??? real or fake??? (Archived)moltres_rider83/2 4:35PM
Why do you guys play free battles? Do you enjoy beating children? (Archived)
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RatheV1073/2 4:34PM
Defensive EVs? (Archived)
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Best movepool for a special MEGA Lucario? (Archived)
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Kapuxa123/2 4:22PM
Gen 3 is the only good gen (Archived)
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Bunselpower253/2 4:20PM
Should I Just Take This Magnemite? (Poll)
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Just completed the Pokedex. Any reward? (Archived)Flip71473/2 4:12PM
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RSE and beyond should've been continuations from GSC (Archived)NeoFalconHavok73/2 4:00PM
Who is in your Battle Box right now? (Archived)
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KlRBEH233/2 3:54PM
YR: Carracosta gets Rock Head and Head Smash (Archived)Doctor_Spanky73/2 3:53PM
the options... (Poll)dowbear2103/2 3:45PM