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Best starters tournament loser bracket. (Poll)
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SegavsCapcom132/2 4:40PM
Team rater v2 (Archived)Domino17171712/2 4:39PM
If regular Venusaur had thick fat instead of Chlorophyll.. (Poll)Hierarchy22542/2 4:38PM
This is the boss and I'm sick of waiting! I want Pikachu! (Archived)
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ThrowAwayAlt142/2 4:31PM
shiny charm trolling... (Archived)muchigoro72/2 4:26PM
I wish Goodra was a Dragon/Fairy cleric with pixilate, and hyper voice.. (Archived)
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Hierarchy225192/2 4:26PM
Sheer force moveslot (Archived)NovaCast42/2 4:20PM
Does Rotom-W get Hydro Pump through level up or something else? (Archived)smashman9232/2 4:17PM
**** you, Battle Maison, **** you! (Archived)
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DragonDeoxys162/2 4:11PM
YR : Kangaskhan gets Extremespeed in Pokemon Z (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan252/2 4:09PM
PokeJokes (Archived)Brandon04248752/2 4:04PM
What's the current popular thinking on ideal Yveltal Nature & movesets? (Archived)N0tQuiteN0rmal82/2 4:01PM
So apparently, half of the Pokemon players in general want to rely on luck to... (Archived)BalloonBattle0552/2 4:00PM
Mewtwo's birthday is coming up! (Archived)SalsaSavant62/2 3:57PM
Breeding question; the third. (Archived)BigPapaSnorlax32/2 3:57PM
Thanks Serebii! (Archived)CookieMarvin72/2 3:48PM
If humans were pokemon, what would we call their stats? (Archived)sammyslammer72/2 3:48PM
Help filling in some holes with this team (Archived)Aleu101072/2 3:48PM
Do you think they'll shut down the Gen4/5 GTS? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart22/2 3:47PM
So I'm new to this breeding stuff and I need advices (Archived)SuperSaiyan234102/2 3:45PM