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friend safari missing third pokemon? (Archived)samxmas53/3 5:36PM
Anyone else not able to currently connect to internet? (Archived)
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Blackucard173/3 5:35PM
How would I go about getting a bunch of Synchronizers? Friend Safari? (Archived)
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gamerman57123/3 5:33PM
How to get Aqua Jet onto my Swift Swim Anorith. (Archived)sajoir263/3 5:32PM
Servers?! Damnn (Archived)
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GameReviewer1193/3 5:25PM
Is this game going to have its online cut off in less than two years? (Archived)HeartAdept103/3 5:24PM
Close combat or drain punch on meloetta (Archived)Flowen23153/3 5:20PM
life orb not working (Archived)warrior6882373/3 5:18PM
I like to troll people on the GTS (Archived)
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Shigmiya64283/3 5:11PM
does criticals ignore Slow start? (Archived)dioxxys13/3 5:10PM
They need to do maintenance waaaay more than they should (Archived)
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SalsaSavant223/3 5:09PM
Servers r back!! (Archived)GameReviewer183/3 5:06PM
3DS Action Replay Powersaves Pro (Archived)
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metroidfan987143/3 5:05PM
Compare the graphics (Archived)henriue43/3 5:01PM
What is that one type that would be scary as all h*** if it turned normal type (Archived)
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Chenmaster2123/3 4:58PM
How do you figure out which version of the game you have? (Archived)ajko00063/3 4:56PM
How long do I have to wait before using PokeTransporter/Bank? (Archived)RemixDeluxe103/3 4:56PM
Help please! (Archived)BlackPool55523/3 4:53PM
YR: In Gen 7, Focus Blast ignores priority and... (Archived)
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CakeOfLies143/3 4:46PM
What Mega Pokemon should get Drizzle? (Archived)
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sajoir2223/3 4:43PM