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Psychic types should be immune to confusion. (Archived)link_1593/15 10:29AM
How do I be the very best? (Archived)
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Straight_Cat133/15 10:28AM
Can powersaves give you Enigma Berry? If it cant , means GF can make new items? (Archived)Zor0ark63/15 10:28AM
Phantom Force Darkrai (Archived)
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Dantromon223/15 10:14AM
Good moves for a meloetta (Archived)Hitoshura999943/15 10:13AM
Scarf chomp vs scarf excadrill? (Archived)Plasma EXE33/15 10:11AM
Help I think i got a virus! (Archived)SilverZangoose93/15 10:11AM
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So, to get the free pokebank trial, I have to download pokebank tonight? (Archived)Nanahara71573/15 10:07AM
Why the hell are Reset Bags so rare? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon143/15 10:07AM
Using Noivern for the Battle Maison/Institute, help me refine this moveset plz? (Archived)TheJester233/15 10:05AM
Has anyone actually lost pokebank support because they transferred hacked 'mons? (Archived)Nanahara71573/15 10:04AM
Soo is hacking 6th gen pokemon possible? (Archived)Plasma EXE23/15 10:03AM
First time on showdown. (Archived)LJx1913/15 10:02AM
Anyway to mute passerbies? (Archived)WorldTrader43/15 9:56AM
What is the point of Hyperbeam? (Archived)
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BahamutDarkFire583/15 9:43AM
Whats your favorite poke and why? (Archived)
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Bushido20553/15 9:31AM
One 3DS, four Pokemon games (Archived)Jeod_Cripto53/15 9:26AM
Mega Latias moveset (Archived)
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DrakJay163/15 9:24AM
Most Damage Possible...........I think (Hacked) (Archived)
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ss4adib133/15 9:20AM