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I've been having a lot of success on BS with this Persian. (Archived)cocomunga33/15 5:02AM
Questions About Datel Power Saves (Action Replay 3DS) (Archived)chittapanu43/15 4:53AM
just my luck, i guess? (Archived)darxus93/15 4:52AM
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King of OU ? Gengar or Starmie (Archived)
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neo1mark1163/15 4:48AM
Epic Spinda is epic. (Archived)ZeldaTPLink73/15 4:47AM
My Purrloin just one-shotted this guy's Mega Venusaur online lol (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z803/15 4:46AM
Goodra EVs (Archived)KaranRP73/15 4:09AM
Wonder Trade continues to be incredibly addicting... (Archived)
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BahamutDarkFire193/15 4:09AM
Help with aggron EV's (Archived)TJ_17_53/15 3:36AM
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How good are the XY Anime episodes, really? (Archived)
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SilphSpectre173/15 2:52AM
Horde encounters (Archived)NecrosIX13/15 2:49AM
So I just bred a perfect timid Ralts. What should I do with it? (Archived)Froakiebloke53/15 2:47AM
Unused type combo that would be cool? (Archived)
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_Data_Drain_693/15 2:41AM
Wow, do I feel sorry for the main trainer... (Archived)
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BluntGrunt163/15 2:23AM
Is this Togekiss and Sylveon good? (Archived)InfamousTouya23/15 2:18AM
I'm a noob :D (Archived)V3kobeV333/15 2:08AM
Anyone care to comment what happened in this match? (Archived)
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kclaujames143/15 2:02AM