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I have made a terrible terrible mistake..... (Archived)Wolowitz33/18/2014
YR: Inferno, Zap Cannon and Dynamic Punch have their accuracy changed to 70% (Archived)PokemonYoutube73/18/2014
Where is everybody getting these legendaries?? (Archived)
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Pokemon Emerald RNG manipulation. (Archived)
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What's with all the "I want Kalos Born Only" Pokemon thing??? (Archived)
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Got a question regarding the free Pokemon X/Y download code (Archived)Shogunuu33/18/2014
What's the best move for Miltank? (Poll)jb0804543/18/2014
Any random Mew builds? (Archived)FryDays500023/18/2014
This game couldve been 40 hours long if (Archived)
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Help with Excadrill moveset? (Archived)Xynaxus6453/18/2014
Power saves 3ds Pro question (Archived)shadowblood8723/18/2014
Riolu encounter chance.... (Archived)Kaeaja63/18/2014
Question about Powersave (Archived)Skettro13/18/2014
What happens when Torandus uses Roost? (Archived)Puppyfaic73/18/2014
Replaying Pokemon X: 6 generations, 6 pokemon (Archived)Post_Crisis83/18/2014
Lets talk about the defensive monster known as slowbro (Archived)
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"The future is now, thanks to science!" (Archived)Amesang13/18/2014
Omastar Moveset (Archived)vinhamon23/18/2014
Which pokemons can fit my last 2 slots properly? (Archived)Wolowitz43/18/2014
Are the generations getting easier and easier? (Poll)
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