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Can we have one intelligent, no trolling, bashing, flaming, topic about Smogon? (Archived)
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SorrySleeping251/31 11:01PM
Good moves for smeargle? (Archived)Flow_14981/31 10:59PM
Mega bans? (Archived)Otters1181/31 10:58PM
Do you remember that one pokemon episode where... (Archived)
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Nico_infinite131/31 10:55PM
Smeargle nicknames? (Archived)navi85451/31 10:55PM
Looking for Another Pokemon to Train (Archived)SkyCake61/31 10:53PM
Public PSA Announcement: I'm tired of mindless smogon bashing (Archived)Muffinz0rz91/31 10:41PM
rate my moveset for throh (Archived)arumagesuto31/31 10:38PM
Does pokemon with no memory considered a hack one? (Archived)
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hyper_guy111/31 10:35PM
How would you feel if... (Archived)davidledsma81/31 10:28PM
I'd like to take a moment to thank GameFreak for delaying Pokebank. (Archived)SorrySleeping81/31 10:26PM
Good egg moves for a togekiss? (Archived)Falcon10248631/31 10:24PM
How old are people here who absolutely just play casually? (Archived)
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Ku-Ri-Boh361/31 10:18PM
Extra Metal Coat? (Archived)-Raven71/31 10:18PM
Just caught my second ever Shiny! :D (Archived)NOM41/31 10:13PM
I caught all 5 flower colors of flabebe (Archived)ElectricPorygon31/31 10:10PM
I still don't understand the big hype about Pokebank. (Archived)
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fedartz291/31 10:08PM
best pokemon to set hazards? (Archived)chew_man391/31 10:07PM
Why can't I use Entrainment on Miltalk? (Archived)bwebber1741/31 10:07PM
Slow players are a scourge and pestilence to this game! (Archived)DoobieScooby51/31 10:05PM