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Quick pokebank question? (Archived)jeff_henze43/16/2014
Can Gastro Acid affect Steel types? (Archived)xrayscope33/16/2014
Suggestions double versus team... (Archived)urbinax93/16/2014
Greninja set help (Archived)TableFlip53/16/2014
How's the post game compared to the first three gens? (Archived)
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General questions (Archived)Zeron RB33/16/2014
Now that the series is 3D. Is there any point in making stadium/colosseum games? (Archived)Chenmaster2103/16/2014
question about FurFrou (Archived)GTthunder53/16/2014
So...that Mega Evolution special (Archived)evilsquirrle63/16/2014
Chansey breeding 'Time machine method' not working? (Archived)Joskezz43/16/2014
weird dream i had last night, that "revealed" two new M.Evos. (Archived)paipr73/16/2014
Well I just got done watching Origins.. (Archived)JayStrike103/16/2014
The Nuzlocke Gods are out to make me miserable. (Archived)
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Make a New Pokemon (Archived)charman5103/16/2014
is pixilate a rare ability for (Archived)icegamemaster8733/16/2014
How does this ability sound? (Archived)
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ITT: We list pokemon that would benefit from an ability which... (Archived)
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Rate my Avengers-themed team (Archived)
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Isiah Zombie243/16/2014
C/D Hidden Power should have a different animation for each type (Archived)
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Which Pokemon spinoff was your favorite? (Poll)
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