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Seeing as how you can't multi-battle in Maison over WiFi, is there a way to- (Archived)Antistasis33/16/2014
Mega Evolutions that are Worse than their Normal Variants? (Archived)
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YR: A counterpick system is implemented in Rated Battles (Archived)GreatHammurabi33/16/2014
Y/R Breeding with HA Ditto gives chance of HA to offspring (Archived)
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Just hatched a Shiny Wurmple, is it usable for my team? (Archived)
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Just discovered something weird kinda (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger43/16/2014
Does anyone ever get bored of Pokemon? (Archived)
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Ninetales strategy help (Archived)Marinho31693/16/2014
I think I'm completely locked out of my Global Link account... (Archived)leak_man33/16/2014
I've realized that i've been bashing chesnaught for awhile now and was thinking. (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4253/16/2014
Did anyone ever try that mew "hidden cheat" from pokemon emerald? (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr53/16/2014
When do Kyogre's IV's generate? (pokemon Sapphire) (Archived)lordlugia_rocks93/16/2014
need someone for free for all (Archived)Shinyflabebe33/16/2014
Starting a new. (Archived)1DarkLoneWolf243/16/2014
Can you nickname all legendary with Pokegen? (Archived)Animako93/16/2014
How do I beat Blisseys and Chanseys? (Archived)
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Which Fakedex of mine do you like? (Poll)GangstaLizard9543/16/2014
A few questions about abilities and moves (Pixilate, Mega Kanga and Aurorus) (Archived)Taladashar63/16/2014
Is non-linearity in Pokemon Main Series games overrated? (Poll)GangstaLizard9593/16/2014
Why does Game Freak keep changing the position of options in-battle? (Archived)Shigmiya6433/16/2014