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Sucker Punch vs. Crunch (Archived)pblake0342/3 4:30PM
Pokemon Showdown/XY thread: "Flawless" Matches (Archived)
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Hierarchy225262/3 4:30PM
So I got an Unown from GTS but the form was listed as 'One form' in pokedex (Archived)faruway62/3 4:27PM
Why doesn't Hitmonchan get Poison Jab? (Archived)
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Felix6464262/3 4:27PM
i just came up with the worst idea ever (Archived)
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XcaIIion222/3 4:24PM
Would you want to go to Holon? (Archived)Silent_Nexus102/3 4:16PM
Is Espeon a good anti-prankster? (Archived)
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Metal Gear Raxis132/3 4:14PM
Trying to Get a Flawless Mudkip! (Archived)XFirefox45X32/3 4:13PM
A story of Wonder Trade Kindness, Joy, Fun, Heartbreak, and Ferocious Battles (Archived)Irnkman82/3 4:09PM
Just a random idea for an evolution (Archived)AnotherLoneNut52/3 4:08PM
Need help building a team! (Archived)alphaZubat32/3 4:05PM
What makes clefable so good this gen (Archived)
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gamepimp121012/3 4:02PM
Why is UU so stall-heavy? (Archived)
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gunsndroses122/3 4:02PM
My "insider source" that works at "Gamefreak" (my "uncle") gives me Bank info.(: (Archived)
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SorceressTharja402/3 4:01PM
Just checked the Nintendo network status page. (Archived)
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jlalande172/3 3:58PM
How rare is deoxys still as a bank mon? (Archived)Domino17171772/3 3:56PM
Mega Pokemon Game (Archived)ItsDat1Guy22/3 3:56PM
Someone explain this BS (Archived)BluesSoul61782/3 3:53PM
Do any of you watch Shadypenguinn? (Archived)360pages72/3 3:53PM
Need a little brains (Archived)BubblyCheese62/3 3:51PM