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LOL Battle Maison hax are worse than ever. (Archived)
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pancakes771212/12 1:46PM
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"Passerby Derp challenged you to a battle!" (Archived)TableFlip92/12 1:32PM
Funny Opponent for my Counter Team (Archived)ScubaRec0n72/12 1:31PM
This game gives me so many feels ;-; (Archived)Puppyfaic12/12 1:29PM
what nature should i get for inkay? (Archived)mj_webb52/12 1:28PM
Anyone else besides me, (Archived)Th30n1yZ3452/12 1:26PM
Just woke up from a horrible nightmare that can become a reality (Archived)
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MightyCh04s112/12 1:25PM
Make Some of Your Favorite Pokemon an Acronym! (Archived)
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Estheimaster162/12 1:25PM
What is the most elaborate pokemon transfer requirement? (Archived)
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Makatak212132/12 1:24PM
Geomancy (Archived)Muffinz0rz22/12 1:24PM
Is the gold trainer card the highest lvl you can obtain? (Archived)hiimajerk52/12 1:18PM
Possible to get an HA Clefable with Softboiled? (Archived)Tacoman56162/12 1:16PM
Trading Question (Archived)mbruno332/12 1:15PM
Move Relearner question. (Archived)Tacoman56142/12 1:13PM
Can a level 100 Eevee evolve into Sylveon? (Archived)
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MoxieAdrenaline162/12 1:12PM
Every time you DC on someone just because you're about to lose (Archived)
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wwwgippal2152/12 1:12PM