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Passerby Questions (Archived)Brandon04248712/12 11:35PM
My Clefable with softboiled will not go through... (Archived)PraetorianGhost82/12 11:34PM
Best Switcheroo item on Lopunny? (Archived)vinhamon92/12 11:31PM
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Why Are Grass Starters always awful? (Archived)
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djmetal777382/12 11:21PM
i know there are shiny hunters or vivillon hunters but does anyone else hunt... (Archived)SkylightNight62/12 11:17PM
Absorb bulb & Gastrodon (Archived)Jet_72/12 11:12PM
Choice Scarf or Choice Specs for Timid Typhlosion? (Archived)vinhamon22/12 11:10PM
Do you consider RNG'd Pokemon legit? (Archived)
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Thaxagoodname182/12 11:09PM
Worst Starter Pokemon? (Poll)
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Adumigan1232/12 11:08PM
the next gens shouldn't allow you to switch after you kill a trainers pkmn (Archived)
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fakefire462/12 11:08PM
Possible to lose the third Pokemon in a FS? (Archived)GeminiX742/12 11:06PM
Dragonite has no business being a Dragon-type. (Archived)
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CakeOfLies192/12 11:02PM
Rate the generations according to starters. (Archived)
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Shadowlink33212/12 10:56PM
My Dragonite (I'm Happy) (Archived)TrainerAura62/12 10:54PM
Nothing is worse than looking for Feebas in Gen III (Archived)
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Sopheroo172/12 10:51PM
It's just so satisfying in the Chateau... (Archived)StellaLunaris32/12 10:45PM
Why do i see lots of Sableyes? (Archived)Second_Hokage72/12 10:42PM
Charizardite x available in stone emporium? (Archived)LightningAce1192/12 10:32PM
What is up with GF's crappy nickname censor? (Archived)
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ophanseraph123122/12 10:22PM