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How do I prevent myself from being charged for bank? (Archived)yzman32/9 11:21AM
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"These fists tell a story!" (Archived)Chaosmaster0062/9 11:05AM
What Tier do you think slaking would be in if he lacked Truant? (Archived)
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sonictom2122/9 11:03AM
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I'm laughing so hard at the online community, seriously? (Archived)gna64782/9 10:57AM
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Best way to breed in the nature? (When IV breeding) (Archived)CuteChihuahua52/9 10:52AM
has anyone been banned from bank yet? (Archived)
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cybersonic233112/9 10:46AM
Sylveon Pokedex Glitch? (Archived)combatking072/9 10:44AM
It's sad that what started as innovative ideas are now money grubbing tactics. (Archived)
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iKhan88262/9 10:41AM
Funbro (Poll)
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J_Applei202/9 10:40AM
Giratina Origine Forme? (Archived)deathbycookies52/9 10:40AM