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Abilities that we need more users for? I think we need more thick fat users (Archived)
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Carbon_Deoxxys222/19 3:08PM
"Pokecheck is under high load" (Archived)TableFlip52/19 3:06PM
What would you do to buff or nerf some pokemon some more? (Archived)_Clinton52/19 2:51PM
If gale wings talonflame didn't exist, what would the meta look like (Archived)
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Hydreigoon322/19 2:51PM
Event pokemon poketransfer (Archived)STAYNDEBOKZRZ22/19 2:51PM
Do you feel embarrassed playing Pokemon in public? (Archived)
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LightningAce11612/19 2:51PM
They should release a super amazing giga awesome compi,ation of all the regions. (Archived)Garioshi102/19 2:48PM
Breeding help? (Archived)ilivetofly32/19 2:46PM
Hydreigon move set question (Archived)Manny_San60292/19 2:45PM
Ok so im getting discouraged..... (Archived)
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3i33le23172/19 2:41PM
Think there will be any announcement or news on Ragnarok? (Archived)HF9222/19 2:37PM
SHINY RIOLU!!! my third random MM shiny! (Archived)MysteriousZ72/19 2:37PM
Do you feel Mega Banette's ability should've been one of these instead? (Poll)-Unowninator-32/19 2:36PM
What Nature and EVs do i need for a Mega Blastoise? (Archived)gg13242/19 2:23PM
i need some item help (Archived)MysteriousZ12/19 2:11PM
What's with all the talk about Smogonite (Archived)
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zelionx142/19 2:11PM
Who's the best Charizard/Charizard evo line (Poll)zelionx52/19 2:08PM
Ground/Fighting (Archived)IngSlayer22/19 2:06PM
Man, Smogon is really disgusting, isn't it? (Archived)MahoganyTooth9292/19 1:57PM
Samuel L. Jackson's "WHOOOAAA!!" Serebii (Archived)
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Blingya25132/19 1:47PM