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Do you Care if your Pokemon is KB? (Poll)
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jofotran21143/3 11:54AM
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Which Pokemon game has the most capturable Pokemon? (Archived)
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Mega Ampharos' speed (Archived)Dark263/3 11:21AM
Which generation gave the best group of competitively viable Pokemon? (Archived)
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Thaxagoodname113/3 11:12AM
Pokemon RP; Type Islands (Archived)
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TepigSnivy5003/3 11:03AM
What Pokemon Move tutors are good for trade? (Archived)playingrobot93/3 10:59AM
How welll does Blaziken actually do in Ubers? (Archived)
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dj4242143/3 10:52AM
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Something strange with one of my Friend Safaris (Archived)redbombshell763/3 10:43AM
How can Tyrantrum learn Dragon Claw? (Archived)
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abcDSBT193/3 10:39AM
How cute! :3 (Archived)
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Chenmaster2113/3 10:38AM
Playing around with sniper crit kingdra... (Archived)astrangeone23/3 10:33AM
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