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Breeding Issue, please help! (Archived)Marcesca92/3 10:12AM
What does feebas go for on gts? (Archived)spatulaman873102/3 9:39AM
Woot! First shiny! :D (Archived)
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Vuco142/3 9:35AM
I wonder how many people now have my kangaskhan (Archived)kadabrium62/3 9:22AM
Scizor moveset suggestion (Archived)
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GJshepherd132/3 9:20AM
Any Offers... (Archived)Dantromon32/3 9:18AM
Looking to get into shiny breeding... anyone have a 6iv jp ditto to clone? :) (Archived)Skold17712/3 9:13AM
My infinite rage towards cloning! (Archived)
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Reshiblue592/3 9:04AM
Question about completing the pokedex (Archived)k1zzl3_8272/3 9:00AM
So I finally 7-starred Battle Institute...... (Archived)sonic230772/3 8:58AM
My infinite rage towards clothing! (Archived)SalsaSavant62/3 8:58AM
Let say Goomy was capture by Space Dandy (Archived)fedartz62/3 8:57AM
how many eggs did it take 4 ur first shiny? (Archived)
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SAP_The_Bull202/3 8:47AM
Does anybody have a good theory as to why the lake trio aren't part Fairy? (Archived)
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Iced_Shadows112/3 8:42AM
C/D pikachu should not use his anime cry in mainseries games (Archived)
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jdeo1997562/3 8:42AM
FEED ME! A Showdown match where I tribute my Pokemon to the allmighty Garchomp (Archived)SalsaSavant22/3 8:40AM
Lol! I just had a pokemon battle with some sore losing girl. (Archived)
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Bryon25332/3 8:36AM
Fakedex (Archived)Xodiark12/3 8:34AM
Is it still possible to have a match end in a draw? (Archived)
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Haxdreigon112/3 8:33AM
XY Poll #2: What is your favorite new Feature? (Poll)
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TrainerAura162/3 8:30AM