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breeding nincada for best ninjask/shedinja build (Archived)
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InfiniSephiroth182/12 12:08PM
Whats a good moveset for luxray on this Gen? (Archived)Sami1852/12 11:53AM
is it possible to get an eevee in a moonball (Archived)clayton112332/12 11:51AM
Rate My Gym Team? (Dragons woo) (Archived)
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Bobsplosion302/12 11:50AM
just hatched my hidden power fire froakie! (Archived)Soulstrikes22/12 11:47AM
C.D Pikachu clause (Archived)Muffinz0rz12/12 11:45AM
C,D: ferrothorn clause (Archived)
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kadabrium152/12 11:44AM
Help with UU stall team. (Archived)Vadmac72/12 11:43AM
Gotta love how this works. (Fire and Rock) (Archived)
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IngSlayer252/12 11:41AM
Should I keep this Zygarde???! (Archived)WSTW3DS82/12 11:40AM
What was the first starter you ever chose in gen 1? (Poll)
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Real_trainerRed782/12 11:39AM
Awe man... Anyone ever trade the wrong pokemon on gts? (Archived)Dark Mousy82/12 11:37AM
Can a Sylveon with Pixilate and Hyper Voice be Shiny? (Archived)Bugorchestra92/12 11:13AM
Pick me a new pokemon to use (Poll)
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Adumigan202/12 11:07AM
Help with Sylveon (Archived)AD0BEWanKenobi12/12 11:06AM
So the pentagon means that it's not from Kalos, right? (Archived)Person452/12 11:05AM
Are hackers cheating? Well, is the sun square? (Archived)spincyclematt22/12 11:04AM
so sad (Archived)WSTW3DS22/12 11:03AM
Flamethrower, seriously (Archived)Falquart102/12 11:00AM
How do you evolve a level 100 pokemon? (Archived)
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Bugorchestra192/12 10:57AM