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what do you want out of the 'Evil Team' in future Gens? (Archived)
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Tyranidomega263/11 2:52PM
Are there more, less or about the same number of OU viable pokes this gen? (Archived)
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I-Flygon-I113/11 2:51PM
Assault Vest Smeargle! (Archived)
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FightingPolygon283/11 2:48PM
The best thing about Pokemon is that everything can be used (Archived)Luigi4President53/11 2:47PM
What do you think Pokemon trainer Red thinks of Gold/Ethan? (Archived)djmetal77763/11 2:45PM
Imposter Ditto makes it so that if it checks itself, it can wreck itself. (Archived)Windyligth83/11 2:45PM
Speed cut off for a trick room. (Archived)aydosv73/11 2:43PM
If Mega Abomasnow can't have Snow Warning, which ability should it have instead? (Poll)
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-Unowninator-283/11 2:41PM
My solution to people using legendaries. (Archived)
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Sarioc193/11 2:38PM
What's a good Gengar set? (Non Mega Edition) (Archived)
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hodelino143/11 2:37PM
Worried about raising pokemon that I'm not the original trainer of (Archived)ArcticPlague23/11 2:34PM
Furfrou: Le mur physique ultime (Archived)joey1122353/11 2:33PM
ITT: Push a Pokemon up a few tiers by changing one thing about them (Archived)
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AwesomeAshley203/11 2:32PM
ITT Recommend me Pokes to add to my team and give me reasons why. (Archived)
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TheCorruptAngel113/11 2:28PM
No Pokemon Link (Archived)
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Lynk89253/11 2:13PM
Should I keep this Mewtwo? (Archived)AvengerV43/11 2:06PM
What's your favourite kind of Pokemon? (Poll)
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OfficialAce-Kun143/11 2:04PM
Which do you prefer Molest or Timid for Xearnes (Archived)
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fedartz633/11 2:03PM
How can i deal with a genwunner? (Archived)
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charman5663/11 2:00PM
ITT: Nicknames you wish you could use but break the character limit (Archived)l33t_iRk3n_Rm3383/11 1:59PM