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So the next Pokemon movie is about (Archived)lime1122042/11 3:13PM
Moonlight or Morning Sun? (Archived)Mobile_Platform42/11 3:09PM
so the next movie will have diance, and we have scene reference to several megas (Archived)paipr52/11 3:05PM
I enjoy playing japanese players >___> (Archived)
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gna647142/11 3:05PM
Moves you should(n't) use in class. (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz522/11 3:04PM
Finally got Pokebank... (Archived)Traitor_Kratos42/11 3:03PM
so how cheap is a cafegrigus and slaking combo in doubles? (Archived)paipr82/11 3:02PM
Thanks, Joey. I'd forgotten all about your amazing Rattata. (Archived)iamBGS92/11 3:00PM
Breeding question (Archived)narwhallover3242/11 2:57PM
Wow, these guys, as soon as their gimmick fails they quit. (Archived)
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DarkRay117142/11 2:54PM
Is there a way to speed up he process of getting "Rare" hordes? (Archived)navi85442/11 2:50PM
Everytime I see a Skarmbliss or Ferrojellyfish combo in a team... (Archived)
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hodelino162/11 2:43PM
Looking for Modest Shiny Eevee offering legendaries (Archived)lucasthechampio12/11 2:41PM
Hidden power question (Archived)GRankbowhunter32/11 2:39PM
What Nature do you like for Xerneas? (Archived)Shigmiya6422/11 2:28PM
Complete list of transfer-only egg moves (Archived)acerola-orion102/11 2:28PM
So this pinsir won't pass pokebank then? (Archived)thiaguinhohp92/11 2:24PM
I have a crisis (Archived)Corlesslover3052/11 2:21PM
Was my bank not patched? (Archived)choicespec72/11 2:21PM
My Trick Metagross doesn't seem to work well in the Maison anymore :( (Archived)xoing99912/11 2:11PM