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Willow Wisp needs to go. (Archived)
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Judgmenl192/17 10:54PM
Infernape vs Darmanitan (Archived)
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Dat_Shiny152/17 10:53PM
I have to say, my main complaint about X & Y... (Archived)
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Ulevo352/17 10:52PM
Does flamebody and magma armor stack (Archived)NeedProteanFroa42/17 10:48PM
Just hatched my first 6 IV. (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis32/17 10:39PM
I wish the Psychic resisting Fairy rumor during pre-release was true... (Archived)FryDays500092/17 10:39PM
Am I just lucky or do most people not run rapid spin or defog? (Archived)jolteonsock42/17 10:29PM
Imagine if the hackers never datamined the game... (Archived)Kisai72/17 10:14PM
Mega stones - How do I get exclusives? (Archived)
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matthew 333132/17 10:13PM
Just got online -_- (Archived)darksaw512/17 10:12PM
**** Cofagrigus. (Archived)Samurontai92/17 10:09PM
First Showdown Battle! (Archived)Brewster123102/17 10:05PM
There is literally NO excuse to pokegen pokemon. (Archived)ThePokeMan9882/17 10:04PM
Why doesn't knock off KNOCK OFF mega stones... (Archived)
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SergeantJamjars192/17 9:54PM
Reuniclus or Gengar for my current team? (Archived)m2k1352/17 9:53PM
So we all know of the good things about X and Y.... (Archived)
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Rival_Blue_1999122/17 9:49PM
Help with Kangaskhan (Archived)
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Victrin88122/17 9:43PM