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Serebii: ''It has been revealed that'' (Archived)
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So, which Pokemon would look the nicest in a skirt? (Archived)
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I've been messing around with hacking Pokemon (Archived)
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Most poorly designed ability / abilities? (too good / game-warping, not Truant) (Poll)
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YR: Gen 7 mechanic change (Archived)Mtvn93/14/2014
battle video, should I of immediately used shadow sneak on meowstic? (Archived)
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Anyone have a Shiny Eevee or Shiny Umbreon? (Archived)KatieOoT43/14/2014
YR: Fly now doesn't need two turns to be used (Archived)
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EV's on Timid Ninetails? (Archived)hodelino33/14/2014
Flaaaaaafy and Dragon Air look like girls. (Archived)IngSlayer93/14/2014
After 14 years, I still wonder why Dragonite is so ugly compared to its pre-evos (Archived)
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Which is better Gen 2 or 3? (Poll)
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Were Pokemon Contests ever played Competitively? (Archived)Goul11163/14/2014
What do you think of Pokemon beastiality? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z33/14/2014
Question about Egglocke (Archived)AwkwardTurtle2613/14/2014
whats the best pokemon to use online? inc. pokes banned by smogon (Archived)BassHunterXXX63/14/2014
Lagging Tail interaction with priority abilties (Archived)0-17223/14/2014
Do people think phione is rare? (Archived)WorldTrader63/14/2014
Pokemon Evolution Poll- Day 2- Luvdisc Evolution! (Poll)
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Game matches me with someone who has 200 rating less than I do. (Archived)GoGoat23/14/2014