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Make Delphox OU (Archived)
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Noxatrox272/18 7:50AM
Update (Archived)ninchir12/18 7:48AM
Egglock run! (Archived)
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Elfpwnage652/18 7:48AM
A rather straight and blunt question (Archived)
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fedartz122/18 7:48AM
New Item: Snow Cone (Archived)Byxis772/18 7:47AM
Which generation introduced the most important changes to the battle mechanics? (Poll)qbicfeet12/18 7:46AM
Meanwhile. in Giovanni's room (Archived)CrystalKing542652/18 7:45AM
is azumarrill OU now ? (Archived)wwwgippal222/18 7:45AM
Is there any negative to breeding a 6 IV with another 6 IV mon over a 5 IV? (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram72/18 7:44AM
I thought I was supposed to get a berry for winning a 100 straight at the BM. (Archived)pokemon2poker72/18 7:44AM
FT legendaries for IV bred pokemon (Archived)slokiller222/18 7:44AM
*Rages from Breeding* (Archived)
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Vadmac222/18 7:42AM
FT- Events/Legendaries LF- Events/Legendaries (Archived)Shadamher2122/18 7:33AM
Which Games had the best post game IYO? (Poll)
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Judgmenl192/18 7:25AM
I got a Charmander named ABBBBBB( from wonder trade (Archived)AwesomeFawful22/18 7:13AM
I have completed my Living Pokedex. Am I a Pokemon Champion now? (Archived)
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Adiroth132/18 7:13AM
Knock Off questions (Archived)Rikardo9082/18 7:12AM
Which kind of Mega Lucario do you think is better? (Poll)CakeOfLies52/18 7:10AM
I realized that Battling on Pokemon Showdown only makes me angry. (Archived)Judgmenl52/18 6:35AM
What happens if the time limit in an online match expires? (Archived)Nanahara71552/18 6:22AM