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Im conflicted right now as I cannot decide Archeop's last attack. (Archived)Chenmaster223/12 8:46AM
17 Ariados and counting, no Noibats in Terminus cave. Seriously? (Archived)
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TheJester2123/12 8:38AM
My attempt at making a new type: Sound Type (Archived)
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xyzlactic253/12 8:30AM
Do you care if Pokemon are made shiny with Powersaves? (Poll)
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J_Applei853/12 8:29AM
Switch 3rd game for 2nd and 4th gen titles (Archived)schweedubz43/12 8:28AM
Best of the Royal Servants? (Poll)
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westonticklee193/12 8:24AM
Collecting Gen6 Starters (Archived)schweedubz43/12 8:20AM
Leftovers or Weakness Policy for Aegislash? (Archived)
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alienhamster123/12 8:13AM
Better option for Dragonite - ass vest or weakness policy (Archived)
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itsmeaustin133/12 8:09AM
What is your favorite competitive pokemon? (Archived)
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charman5293/12 7:58AM
Challange: Find a viable use for Snowball (Archived)SalsaSavant63/12 7:58AM
Any new item that can work on Hydreigon? (Archived)Tyranidomega63/12 7:52AM
Powersaves codes (Archived)
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bubbyman2113/12 7:45AM
What's your favourite nature? (Poll)
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91UKGamer153/12 7:21AM
What happens if you touch Eevee with all the stones at exactly the same time? (Archived)
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mutehero7213/12 7:18AM
Ive been playing since Gen 1, and I've never ever ever seen a shiny (Archived)
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HHH is the game233/12 7:15AM
Is There A Way To Find Abilities In Wild Pokemon? (Archived)JohnHalo34383/12 6:51AM
Good set for a supportive Sweeper Latias? (Archived)alienhamster53/12 5:48AM
I feel good (Archived)NeuroticWeasel13/12 5:22AM
So let's see hoenn pokemon and sinnoh pokemon in HGSS needs to be accessed via (Archived)Chenmaster233/12 5:21AM