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Travalanche143/12 5:15AM
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TMs should be one time use again. (Archived)
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BalloonBattle05483/12 4:51AM
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Best next-gen title? (Poll)
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schweedubz113/12 4:22AM
So im a beginner to competitive battling (Archived)oka5553/12 4:19AM
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What's your favorite piece of Pokemon music? (Archived)
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andrewx72373/12 4:04AM
Would Ash be a Better Pokemon Battler if he were... (Poll)
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legendxofxsky113/12 3:38AM
YR: Metagross is an extraterrestrial pokemon (Archived)NeoSioType83/12 3:27AM
Swampert is underrated (Archived)
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Which of these would you most want to Mega Evolve? (Poll)
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kirbymariomega183/12 12:43AM
Mudkip wins my starter Poll. Pick 5 Hoenn Pokemon for my team. (Archived)
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Atom72283/12 12:31AM