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Has the PokeMiles/BP accumulation formula in Pokebank been found? (Archived)Miggi3Fr3sh43/9 8:14PM
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Would updates for Pokemon X/Y affect Powersaves? (Archived)
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Numbuh100123/9 7:38PM
Battle of the Birds (Poll)
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TableFlip143/9 7:36PM
The best Pokemon you have ever got through Wonder Trade (Poll)
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keyos27223/9 7:35PM
If you were in Team Rocket how would you catch Pikachu? (Archived)
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PuzzleMaster97313/9 7:33PM
SubToxic Gliscor EVs (Archived)Xero Green43/9 7:30PM
TSV Checked (Archived)
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StormBlades213/9 7:23PM
Help With a Porygon2 Offensive Tank (Archived)TestPilotVGC63/9 7:14PM
HP Fire Magnezone (Archived)Xynaxus6453/9 7:03PM
What if it were generation 12 (Archived)
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lolsophia7153/9 6:48PM
what if; there was a set of pokemon....... (Archived)paipr73/9 6:38PM
Poke bank & masuda method. (Archived)
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RJGamer1990113/9 6:26PM
Idea for next gen pokemon game (Archived)schweedubz53/9 6:21PM
How often do you use the Masuda Method? (Archived)
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WitchBaby4200203/9 6:15PM
Pretend its Generation 12 Revisited (Archived)lolsophia713/9 6:07PM
Battle Maison Monument Question (Archived)LingLing_77733/9 6:04PM
I just accidentally evolved my 6IV Shellder and lost out on priority. (Archived)
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MillionGunmannn173/9 5:59PM