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Doing a Nuzlock run (Archived)
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KirynTheCleric113/10 7:40PM
Need advice for a Nuzlocke challenge! I usually lose half way through... (Archived)XxOblivion7733/10 7:13PM
Delcatty needs to learn Entrainment! (Archived)HHDeception103/10 7:09PM
Are you getting powersave? (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo293/10 7:09PM
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BronyBeat193/10 7:05PM
Need help with breeding trick room mons (Archived)Anomic9343/10 6:59PM
Let me tall you about my hardcorestory (Archived)William28883/10 6:59PM
Kyogre's Water Spout... (Archived)
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-Raven163/10 6:52PM
Egg move for banette? (Archived)vinhamon73/10 6:46PM
Possibly dumb breeding question... (Archived)PokemonFan66573/10 6:43PM
Has anybody else lost interest in this game? (see inside) (Archived)
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Ethanb900113/10 6:38PM
I'm hooked on wonder trade! (Archived)ItronTime53/10 6:38PM
Player battle question (Archived)RikkuEcRud13/10 6:32PM
Rememeber this list from about a year ago (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin173/10 6:24PM
Do Pokemon die? (Archived)
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Dillmaci353/10 6:08PM
Simple Beamer paired with a slower Shell Smasher with Weakness Policy (Archived)
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HHDeception133/10 6:07PM
You're stuck on an island...(wyncorp topic) (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z333/10 6:04PM
Is there a speed tier calculator out there somewhere? (Archived)HHDeception53/10 6:01PM
Create a Pokemon with a unique ability (Archived)
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porygon_z_129113/10 5:59PM
Quick, should I keep this Zygarde? (Archived)deidara2193/10 5:53PM