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Shiny Larvesta but... (Archived)shiniesfan63/6 10:42AM
What can Rotom (regular form) do well? (Archived)mech dragon83/6 10:40AM
Manipulating the 3DS clock to get Rotom to appear (Archived)Xelotah93/6 10:37AM
YR: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres get their respective weather ability. (Archived)
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Jo145143/6 10:36AM
I only JUST realized the reason behind Zapdos+Garchomp in doubles. (Archived)
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ssb_master133/6 10:33AM
Was this a form of Suicide? (Archived)Inferno0533/6 10:26AM
Fiance catches Shiny Pidove in W2 (Archived)
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Inferno05263/6 10:22AM
Which of these held, multi-use items would you want to see in Ability form? (Poll)-Unowninator-83/6 10:20AM
Starmie is NOT a starfish (Archived)
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hodelino183/6 10:14AM
Create a move, that, if added in gen 7, would be as centralizing as Stealth Rock (Archived)
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iKhan88113/6 10:13AM
Yfw you realized that krabby has more attack than infernape (Archived)inTaCtfuL103/6 10:13AM
They should just give Gengar Nasty Plot already. (Archived)I-Flygon-I53/6 10:12AM
Some Speed stats are weird. (Archived)
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CakeOfLies113/6 10:08AM
If Smogon/PO bans Swagger+Prankster, how would you feel? (Poll)
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pafbonk213/6 10:00AM
What pokemon are generally considered a ghost killer in OU? (Archived)
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Chaos_fire113/6 9:48AM
Mega T-Tar is amazing (Archived)MegaMelon43/6 9:46AM
YR: The elemental monkeys are the new starters in Gen 7 (Archived)
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FightingPolygon573/6 9:41AM
Tips on making this team better (Archived)Goul11163/6 9:32AM
It's sad that Europe isn't also getting the free X or Y code (Archived)
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gg132253/6 9:31AM
New Fighting Move : Nut shot (Archived)
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neo1mark263/6 9:26AM