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Will I have a problem if (Archived)Dredj42/1 1:54PM
Will we get another Pokemon game this year? (Archived)Mudkip4372/1 1:49PM
i got scammed on gts :( (Archived)
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CarefreeDude152/1 1:49PM
Its February and still no pokebank, where is the news on its status? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe1172/1 1:39PM
If I import a Japanese copy of X/Y, and play it in English... (Archived)NOM42/1 1:36PM
If Inver's Inverse Battles are with pokemon EV'd and whatnot in "story mode"... (Archived)alpachec22/1 1:35PM
Create-A-Team (Archived)jerralmw32/1 1:28PM
HA Aron (Archived)Ethanb90032/1 1:22PM
Just reached the part of the game where I learn about mega evolution (Archived)PrintScreenKey32/1 1:20PM
Is it necassary to level up to 50+ for competitive battling? (Archived)
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VoltageBeat142/1 1:17PM
HELP! I was robbed! (Archived)
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SilverZangoose402/1 1:13PM
Are all IVs inherited from parents? (Archived)CookieMarvin52/1 1:03PM
Memory Girl - Hack Checker? (Archived)
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RelaxKnight252/1 1:03PM
I didn't get scammed on the GTS. (Archived)tutti52/1 12:59PM
I want a mixed sweeper Mega Aggron with Water/Steel typing (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_122/1 12:55PM
GTS Deposit (Archived)Ethanb90042/1 12:54PM
Getting back to this game after a few months - where should I go from here? (Archived)___Darklit___42/1 12:50PM
What walls compliment Swords Dance Scizor and Mega Gardevoir? (Archived)Mariofan4ever72/1 12:50PM
To pass down an Egg Move does the parent have to know it at the time? (Archived)AODSoulUnison62/1 12:46PM
Which gen should have never existed? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage842/1 12:45PM