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Shinies (Archived)
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Pokebank question (Archived)Santaeid52/1 12:25PM
why is the story always the same (Archived)
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PrintScreenKey192/1 12:15PM
Alomomola should have been Luvdisc's evolution (Archived)Houle72/1 12:14PM
Assault Vest/Power-Up Punch Swampert - thoughts? (Archived)
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pawket_mawnster112/1 12:13PM
What I honestly believe Nintendo will do with the release of bank: (Archived)Muffinz0rz52/1 12:13PM
Terrain moves (Archived)Zerohour712/1 12:12PM
Favorite Shiny pokemon? (Archived)
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Enough with all the Froakie and Charmander! (Archived)
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KingOfGames915202/1 12:10PM
Clones and perfect IVs are all legit, Pokemon even has officially endorsed them (Archived)Houle32/1 12:08PM
A Beedrill Hypothesis (Archived)Brandon04248782/1 12:07PM
Y/R: Gamefreak announces R/S remakes this year or next (Archived)
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Real_trainerRed292/1 12:07PM
Weavil set? (Archived)gna64772/1 12:04PM
Which ability is best for swampert? (Archived)Pokemaster236132/1 12:03PM
A question about Orre region (Archived)Nathbuds12352/1 11:54AM
Hang on! EARTHQUAKE!! (Archived)
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ChapFromKrugis262/1 11:51AM
Deerling and Sawsbuck forms from Pokebank? (Archived)Unown_20172/1 11:49AM
Compound eyes + thief question.. (Archived)
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brutalhits192/1 11:47AM
Reggis thinks every time someone complains about Pokebank ... (Archived)Chenmaster242/1 11:46AM
Ask me why a pokemon is broken and I will explain it. (Archived)
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gamepimp12152/1 11:45AM