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PokeMaster211202/7 7:56AM
Bullet Punch or Mach Punch for Iron Fist Hitmonchan? (Archived)
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hodelino122/7 7:46AM
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Thinking of naming my shiny Honedge "Blackfyre" (Archived)clayton112342/7 7:34AM
A strange thing with shinies. (Archived)
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Agnostpenguin112/7 7:33AM
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Passerbys from obscure countries/nationalities? (Archived)Smartkick72/7 7:30AM
Event Celebi question. (Archived)JudgeMaster42/7 7:27AM
LF: 5-6IV shinies I don't have / Nicknamable 4-5iv Shinies FT:5-6iv shiny (340+) (Archived)Dark04Saturn32/7 7:26AM
Help with completion using the bank (Archived)mrpiston32/7 7:24AM
My Uber team is ready! Bwahahaha (Archived)
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Rave_Pimp182/7 7:19AM
Need tips on Magcargo's sets and pair (Archived)fedartz32/7 7:00AM
how common are weather and fake out in battle spot triples? (Archived)GoGoat32/7 6:59AM
Any concrete proof of shiny chance in MM ? (Archived)ArcXenos72/7 6:55AM
How do I get my Bank Battle Points? (Archived)
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Beenabo202/7 6:52AM
What is the best gen 6 umbreon moveset and ev spread? (Archived)aydosv92/7 6:50AM
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6vs6 ou? (Archived)KaosKronos22/7 6:43AM
So when will we get mega latis I'm pumped for them (Archived)Fidchel52/7 6:40AM