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can powersave damage save file? (Archived)vinhamon73/7 5:17PM
Think of your favorite pokemon before entering. (Archived)
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Raroia133/7 5:01PM
Need defensive walls for rain team! (Archived)
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Darkitachi54113/7 4:58PM
Its a shame diancie will be banned online. (Archived)
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pikachupwnage153/7 4:55PM
Create your own unique held item! (Archived)
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DarknessLink7463/7 4:54PM
Hidden Power 70 (what does that mean?) (Archived)navi85483/7 4:54PM
Favorite Starter Mega Evolution *NEW* (Poll)raymond200047693/7 4:44PM
Your Guide to Wonder Trading - Right! (Archived)
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FoundAUsername143/7 4:44PM
New Pokemon item idea: Segway, increases speed by 10 - 20%. (Archived)84Mantines93/7 4:43PM
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EV Training Question (Archived)Swanzie103/7 4:34PM
Is Pokemon Showdown working for anyone else? (Archived)Thunder09733/7 4:22PM
How did this Kangaskhan outspeed me? (Archived)Shigmiya6433/7 4:10PM
Gamestop pushed Powersaves back again... (Archived)
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Puppyfaic133/7 4:09PM
Is Hippowdon worth using in a Sand team without Stealth Rock? (Archived)NDN_Shadow83/7 4:08PM
Skymin (Archived)
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Cpt_Calamity123/7 4:06PM
Would this make Miltank and Tauros viable? (Archived)HHDeception103/7 4:01PM
Why is there no Pokemon League in the games? (Archived)
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miosid_03153/7 3:57PM
Can't find my event pokemon! :C (Archived)lucyrules2083/7 3:48PM