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I assume the people who say bank will NEVER come out (Archived)
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Genericgamer667221/31 6:34AM
Hilarious hilarity. (Archived)ArmoredGuns41/31 6:33AM
Which theoretical moveset would hit as many types for SE as possible? (Archived)TwilightRaver41/31 6:21AM
Post some funny Showdown rage videos ITT (Archived)
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srzg131/31 5:59AM
Lopunny moveset (Archived)vinhamon51/31 5:48AM
Does bold nature still exist? (Archived)
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Kostie100141/31 5:25AM
At Serebii: Just wanted to let you know about a tiny mistake (Archived)mehmetski41/31 5:20AM
So this just happened. (Archived)TheGreatThonA21/31 5:13AM
All I can say about this battle is "Um what?" (Archived)kazooie95911/31 4:52AM
Unburden Sceptile (Archived)BuriBuriZaemon71/31 4:48AM
Shint Fishing Chain Question (Archived)PolarSnowball21/31 4:46AM
Pretty new on showdown... (Archived)Tinklecrew41/31 4:33AM
ITT: post awesome comebacks. (Archived)LightningAce1121/31 4:22AM
Question about Weather Ball (Archived)tadashii1841/31 4:10AM
Lol Wondertrade (Archived)Gafzillajunior81/31 4:09AM
Would doubles be considered very different from singles? (Archived)
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LightningAce11121/31 3:59AM
Maybe Nintendo is too busy trying to figure how to make VC work ... (Archived)Chenmaster221/31 3:57AM
Water special attacker? (Archived)
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lastreplicant211/31 3:53AM
I can't find an explanation for this anywhere (Archived)
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marchefelix361/31 3:53AM
My day just got ruined. (Archived)
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Nightstar1994381/31 3:37AM