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Cool/inventive nicknames you've come up with (Archived)
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How to get Secret ID?? (Archived)
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jrod747112/9 6:40PM
This should be a Pokemon. (Archived)Cpt_Calamity42/9 6:37PM
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communication with the other trainer was interrupted (before ANY battle) hangs (Archived)moltres_rider42/9 6:35PM
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Good nickname for a shiny Bisharp? (Archived)KingOfGames91562/9 6:16PM
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O-Power Hatching Question? (Archived)Jessie201222/9 6:02PM
I like how Tyranitar can learn Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Dark Pulse. (Archived)
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SomeLikeItHoth192/9 5:58PM