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These DCers are starting to get to me... (Archived)
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Xynaxus64111/30 12:42PM
LF HELP!!!! Pls (Archived)Adumigan51/30 12:42PM
How often do you land your fire blasts, focus blasts, blizzard, thunders etc. (Poll)
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FizzyFloat281/30 12:40PM
So I just evolved my Archen and (Archived)tdsr91/30 12:40PM
How do you pronounce Suicune? (Archived)
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jakenlucas201/30 12:36PM
To everyone who's MMing (or cares about shinies)... (Archived)
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Doctor_Spanky311/30 12:36PM
Muk and Three Shinies (Archived)ElderOmnivore21/30 12:33PM
Is trading my mewtwo y stone worth a foreign 6 iv ditto? (Archived)habsalltheway3361/30 12:32PM
Did anyone participate in the release the kharp livestream? (Archived)
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animefan1000211/30 12:28PM
whats up with all thes KHRP? (Archived)purple_raven81/30 12:25PM
chansey held item (Archived)Contradictator51/30 12:23PM
EV horde training help needed (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger61/30 12:19PM
Which Zygarde should I go for? (Archived)Miggi3Fr3sh61/30 12:18PM
Furfrou is one scary Physical Tank (Archived)
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TacoOfTheOpera161/30 12:16PM
Need help making 2 types of teams! HELP! (Archived)strider_12321/30 12:11PM
Got tired of waiting for pokebank =/ Sold my game for $38 (Archived)
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ManuKesna331/30 12:11PM
Any team suggestions to work with Jolteon and/or Swampert? (Archived)Dsurions_Wrath41/30 12:11PM
So does anyone else use super training? (Archived)
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LagoonTheCursed571/30 12:08PM
is there a list of tms that the girl in the (Archived)setokaiba40031/30 12:06PM
Those who want a starter trio that starts as Fire/Psychic/Dark should watch this (Archived)
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Eponalove191/30 12:05PM