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Does gender mean anything in terms of stats? (Archived)
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ajko000153/7 1:32AM
Without a doubt, gen 4 had the best new moves. (Archived)
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LightningAce11183/7 1:11AM
ITT:We name all the move animations that were messed up this Gen. (Archived)
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deidara21313/7 1:08AM
Forgive me if this is a noob question... (EV training) (Archived)
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iKidRobot113/7 1:01AM
Can't find manectite (Archived)zeroseph53/7 12:52AM
If I use a Mold Breaker against a Serene Gracer, does it cancel out its ability? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z73/7 12:38AM
Stats that don't match the pokemon (Archived)
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Poisonedsword423/7 12:37AM
Does the GTS has a better legality check than Pokebank? (Archived)kyogre12323/7 12:14AM
What is the best 3 types on paper and in practice (Archived)
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gamepimp12123/7 12:08AM
Favorite Pokemon anime quotes (Archived)
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AuroraSonicBeam213/7 12:06AM
Four worst offensive types (Archived)
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iKhan88113/7 12:03AM
GTS, Japanese players give the best Pokemon! (Archived)JudgeMaster73/6 11:44PM
Exeggutor question. (Archived)aydosv43/6 11:38PM
Say you Drain Punch a Garchomp... (Archived)Mobile_Platform23/6 11:38PM
Assistance With Triple Battle Maison Team (Archived)Charged15163/6 11:21PM
do you think they will ever make a dragon eevee? (Archived)mj_webb63/6 11:18PM
What if Chansey/Blissey became fairy types? (Archived)
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Real_Zaberz153/6 11:14PM
wow. read about capsule monsters today. (Archived)
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Itachifire113/6 11:11PM
Lol @ Everyone who switches Aegislash into my ESpeed Arceus (Archived)
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zelionx163/6 11:02PM
Hm....does Sawsbuck learn anything that makes use of Serene Grace? (Archived)legendrider73/6 10:59PM