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Which is the most overpowered type? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage372/8 7:15PM
What Should Be The Next Capsule? (Archived)
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The_Undest112/8 7:14PM
Darn it so close! Why do you do this to be RNG gods? (Archived)FryDays5000102/8 7:13PM
What are some decent Trick Room users? (Archived)
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SuprSaiyanRockr122/8 6:59PM
Need help on how to run an Impish Trevenant (Archived)
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mrraiders76122/8 6:58PM
Help with Smeargle? (Archived)thomasfreid42/8 6:57PM
Happy birthday, Mewtwo. (Archived)
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Great_Reapette112/8 6:56PM
Hidden Ability Breeding question (Archived)Xensvet1342/8 6:56PM
Why do people want Karlos breed Pokemon (Archived)
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leghostbuster122/8 6:55PM
If f***ing Superman had a Pokemon team (Archived)
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Daemonscharm132/8 6:53PM
What do you think of this battle? (Archived)iheartpokemon2712/8 6:49PM
Inability to trade event pokemon on GTS (Archived)JonJonFTW22/8 6:47PM
Bought a copy of soulsilver for pokebank (Archived)thetuckingfypo32/8 6:45PM
Shiny Charm and Breeding? (Archived)toon_link_34622/8 6:42PM
What can I do with this Celebi? (Archived)deoxyscyclone42/8 6:34PM
Who else names their Blastoises "Cagnazzo"? (Archived)
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achimed252/8 6:34PM
So I only ever see the same 4-5 megas in OU now... (Archived)
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kabigon20112/8 6:32PM
Was Crown Raikou able to be RNG abused? (Archived)Bobsplosion102/8 6:32PM
A shiny Smeargle knows transform??? is this legit???? (Archived)
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moltres_rider122/8 6:30PM
Story wise, why do you think Legendaries can't breed? (Archived)RemixDeluxe52/8 6:26PM