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Volcarona Counters besides talonflame (Archived)
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Is it me or is there something wrong with the percentages of sweet scent hordes? (Archived)HHH is the game33/10/2014
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Can you deposit Diancie and AZ's Floette in Pokemon Bank? (Archived)AquaX10163/10/2014
Gen 6 GTS is weird (Archived)xyzman23/10/2014
new mega stones (Archived)heavyarmsjim3743/10/2014
How do you pronounce Dark Pulse? (Archived)
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Got the torchic gift... (Archived)FaustXII103/10/2014
Anyone has any luck using clawitzer (Archived)ArcXenos93/10/2014
What is 'Kalos Born' pokemon and the rest? (Archived)
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WISHMKR's Jirachi (Archived)
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Breeding Question: Friend Balls (Archived)DigiWillpower63/10/2014
Dear Day Care Man (Archived)
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Rate this team! (Archived)
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Free pokemon x help (Archived)AFROMAN4700083/9/2014
Is this is a good moveset for Delphox? (Archived)
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Battle Maison is so rigged after battle 40 (Archived)
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Need help with my Marowak set (Archived)zferolie103/9/2014
Electrode used Dark Void!! (Archived)
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Am i the only one who wants to curbstomp Trevor? (Archived)Lord_Chivalry53/9/2014