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BP or Poke Miles? (Archived)
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Mew isn't uber right? (Archived)
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Do you choose a character of the opposite gender??? (Poll)
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If a year ago I told you Garchomp would get a form with +100 BST and not be Uber (Archived)
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garchomp appreciation topic (Archived)
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When will Gamefreak announce Pokemon Z? (Archived)anonymousicko13/8/2014
So this Mewtwo... (Archived)
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My Machamp+Clefable combo is pretty good. (Archived)Kibaman73/8/2014
mega latias tank moveset? (Archived)ssb_master33/8/2014
Powersave not working for X (Archived)ooh_shiny83/8/2014
Make a pokemon broken by giving it a new ability (See first post) (Archived)
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Have you received any of the S-rank O-Powers from PSS passers by yet? (Poll)ChapFromKrugis93/8/2014
Watch this for a laugh: My funny gimmick team in rated Doubles (Archived)Gardevoir_ex63/8/2014
Why does GF insist on always putting ice gyms near the end? (Archived)
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Team Building Help!? (Archived)Smazhh13/8/2014
does bank automatically renew bank? (Archived)BloodySeraphim33/8/2014