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Your reaction - Showdown have an ad on their site by accident (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords122/17 12:53AM
I'm working on a Pokemon game right now, and I'd like some opinions on stuff. (Archived)LagoonTheCursed92/17 12:46AM
This guy has the courage to say my team is "unoriginal"! (Archived)
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thenewgodofwar1212/17 12:38AM
Looking for a replacement for mega luc (Archived)
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Jwoo88252/17 12:37AM
ITT: We pretend it's pre-Gen 2 (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform812/17 12:28AM
You think they'll ever upgrade Bank or is it pretty much "as is" now? (Archived)NOM92/17 12:20AM
Fun with an old team. (Archived)Azurinai12/17 12:09AM
Might as well just ban all of the megas.. (Archived)SergeantJamjars92/17 12:07AM
Out of all the shiny pokemon I could find. (Archived)Domino17171762/16 11:57PM
What exactly IS a 6IV mon? (Archived)
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WhiteBaitKent182/16 11:47PM
question friend safari related (Archived)deuceknight32/16 11:46PM
People insist on playing a broken format and whine when smogon try to balance it (Archived)
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Amphaburos192/16 11:46PM
How much Pokemon do you need to complete the Mountain dex? (Archived)
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Puglia77142/16 11:43PM
Question about completing national dex (Archived)promise200322/16 11:40PM
what 3rd move can I use with Chatot? Chatter/Nasty plot/boomburst (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys32/16 11:34PM
Since trade negotiations are terrible in game!! (Archived)XHydraxis93X12/16 11:34PM
PSA: How to check Egg SV and shiny hatch again (pending Pokecheck release) (Archived)
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Sephiroth0327432/16 11:28PM
slaking makes poeple rage quit (showdown) (Archived)flamepelt32/16 11:24PM
I Bred a PERFECT 6IV HA BAGON!!! (Archived)AvengerV82/16 11:19PM
Is my Kangaskhan Good? (Archived)Victrin8892/16 11:18PM