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ITT: Proofs that Gamefreak doesn't understand their own metagame. (Archived)
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pafbonk823/5 10:01PM
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Canonically is there only one of each legendary? (Archived)
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iamjosh308233/5 9:35PM
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What do you compromise? Shiny vs. Competitive (Archived)
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Gamecuber777283/5 9:31PM
Is Feint the only move that can hit through protects? (Archived)
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mech dragon183/5 9:22PM
Does Pokebank auto subscribe if you have money on your account? (Archived)furygods43/5 9:20PM
mewtwo come home! (Archived)quilladin_9_1183/5 9:17PM
i have 0IV ditto that always produces ditto children with 6IV (Archived)pichuvolttackle43/5 9:12PM
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Female trainers are most preferred?! (Archived)MegaVenusaur33/5 8:42PM
how do I breed this corphish right? (Archived)XNo_FearX23/5 8:42PM
Don't you just hate battling dumb people online? (Archived)
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Tadamoto6153/5 8:40PM
Can somebody experience in competitive give me some insight into this? (Archived)Serpent989163/5 8:40PM
Which ability for... (Poll)MegaSableye83/5 8:33PM
So out of things to do...>_< (Archived)Uratoh33/5 8:30PM