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vivillon questions (Archived)bararad1352/14 11:36AM
What's the final number needed to "complete" the dex and get the shiny charm? (Archived)dj424292/14 11:32AM
Sniper Kingdra (Doubles): Trick Room or no? (Archived)SorceressTharja52/14 11:31AM
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Why is Diance so happy? (Archived)Nightstar199452/14 11:28AM
Why do you guys call Focus Blast, "Focus Miss" but not Thunder and Blizzard ect? (Archived)
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jb08045192/14 11:25AM
So Pokemon revealed Shiny Diancie, huh... (Archived)
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Morningstar1337232/14 11:23AM
Has Starmie finally fallen from OU? (Archived)
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Phazorite452/14 11:14AM
Mega Alakazam vs Alakazam HA with Life Orb (Archived)
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safeguarde132/14 11:11AM
Failed Cloning Attempts, let them keep Collateral (Archived)
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iTPCi292/14 11:04AM
Nature for Carbink (Archived)mikeledbetter32/14 11:00AM
That moment on Battle Spot when you realize ... (Archived)
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gkathellar132/14 10:57AM
Do you think... (Poll)
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Puppyfaic122/14 10:55AM
Why do I keep getting Attack EVs fighting Zubat hordes? (Archived)choicespec52/14 10:48AM
Diance revealed for NA (Archived)djayk8592/14 10:48AM
Diancie could be a great tank (Archived)KIngdomSora50102/14 10:48AM
I finally found my own special little alternative to a romance route with Shauna (Archived)
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SpunkySix302/14 10:48AM
Looking for shiny Noibat (Archived)TanCakes22/14 10:45AM
What if? (Archived)ppmemo22/14 10:42AM
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