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758 Pokemon (Archived)
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After Masudaing Deino, I want to breed a Washa Machine. (Archived)Hydregionzek63/8/2014
C/D Gen 4 had the worst designed dragon-types (Archived)
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So gen 3 and 4 had Contests, and 5 had movies, what about Gen 6? (Archived)
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Who is this Argos guy? (Archived)javel3453/8/2014
YR: We don't get any region's Remake. We don't get any region's Sequel. BUT! (Archived)MayaWright23/8/2014
Think of your favorite and least favorite pokemon before entering (Archived)
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Focus Sash and Knock Off question (Archived)Rouenne103/8/2014
So how do I get Diance? (Archived)austingl33/8/2014
ITT: We should try and predict Zygrade's role in the Sequel (Archived)
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Come up with an unpredictable aegislash. (Archived)
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I've Played 400+ Hours, Still No Team. I'm Stuck. (Archived)KoolDood777103/8/2014
Rock Polish or Dragon Dance on Tyrantrum? (Archived)Vivisqeq53/8/2014
Question about items and Serene Grace (Archived)Matthew3DSGamer23/8/2014
Which color of bike did you pick in Pokemon X/Y? (Poll)
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Why can't a Blastoise with AuraSphere/Water Pulse/DarkPulse/DragonP be transferd (Archived)AvengerV83/8/2014
YR : In Gen 7, Gamefreak gives cosmetic variations to almost every Pokemon (Poll)Takaoldaria103/8/2014
Keep this Zygarde? (Archived)Polimario53/8/2014
What did you think of jerkass rivals? (Poll)
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some ev training advice for treecko and fennekin. (Archived)strawhatmonty9733/8/2014