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reaction: next gen ghost gets an overheat and a close combat variation (Archived)gamepimp1292/15 12:03AM
Hidden Power needs to go up to 90 Possible. (Archived)
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legendxofxsky112/15 12:00AM
I 100% the pokedex (Archived)RemixDeluxe62/14 11:50PM
Pokemon Names in real life... (Archived)JRxHawks52/14 11:45PM
Fellow pokevirgins! who else is alone playing pokemon today? (Poll)
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djmetal777172/14 11:41PM
Fire starter pre evo with best design(poll) (Poll)
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CubeTheLwNoob112/14 11:41PM
Your favorite Pokemon female? (Archived)Second_Hokage32/14 11:34PM
Y/N: Would you like this Mega-Evolution? (Poll)
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legendxofxsky122/14 11:27PM
Your reaction: Diantha has a Diancie on Pokemon Z (Archived)gamermasterwiz82/14 11:26PM
The giant rock hanging from Diancie's bottom is so weird looking (Archived)tremain07102/14 11:25PM
Why Do YOU Like Diancie? (Archived)
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BurnedPotatoes592/14 11:21PM
before I trade my Genesect and Meloetta to Pokemon X... (Archived)bellzemo62/14 11:13PM
What if. (Archived)tmurph9222/14 11:06PM
Nothing I love more than when .... (Archived)mushman12342/14 11:06PM
I don't know why Heatran is not OU (Archived)Kadoatie82/14 11:05PM
Someone was kind enough to give me a 6 iv ditto that has the JPN sign... (Archived)TeknomanOmega62/14 11:04PM
Aegislash Build (Tell me if I'm crazy) (Archived)
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Magik8ball232/14 11:04PM
Would you like it if you released your Pokemon there is a small chance you will (Archived)RemixDeluxe72/14 11:04PM
Is getting a japanese 3DS worth it? (Archived)MightyCh04s82/14 10:56PM
C/D Diancie should be steel/fairy or (Archived)warnerbroman32/14 10:55PM