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Do You Like Charizard? (Poll)
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BurnedPotatoes372/14 6:32PM
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what are your expectations if a new game comes out (pokemon z) (Archived)mj_webb62/14 6:28PM
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Diancie and the Sun Dial (Archived)hasan3ds52/14 6:15PM
What to do against King Shield and Garchomp? (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo122/14 6:15PM
Slowbro should get parental bond too (Archived)
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taex132/14 6:12PM
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Rate my team... (Archived)
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MeleeMaster1132/14 6:11PM
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joey11223212/14 6:10PM
Rate my OU Team (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman262/14 6:10PM
DOes Power Herb Affect Wish? (Archived)navi85422/14 6:06PM
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