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Spore Liepard counter? (Archived)
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kadabrium183/3 10:53PM
I love Pokemon. (Archived)F1areaGaman33/3 10:47PM
Did Diancie create Mega Evolutions? (Archived)bfidle83/3 10:44PM
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Disappointed in Maison Boss (BlogFAQs) (Archived)Inferno0513/3 10:23PM
Is 'Follow Me' worth it in Doubles? (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr83/3 10:23PM
How's everybody and their neighbor got a 6IV Japanese Ditto but me?! (Archived)
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MisterMyster614183/3 10:15PM
Question/Advice About EV Training (Archived)Brodiac199243/3 10:14PM
Has this ever happened with anyone else? (Archived)bwebber1783/3 10:12PM
About Nintendo cutting off wifi connection (Archived)LightningAce1133/3 10:04PM
Least improved evolution? (Poll)
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davidledsma123/3 10:00PM
Proof that the AI cheats (Archived)
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LightningAce11443/3 9:55PM
Bank expires in 2 days (Archived)LightningAce1143/3 9:51PM
How far are you willing to go to get shinies/other in game stuff? (Poll)
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choicespec303/3 9:51PM
Got a problem with which game to get back into(Mystery Dungeon related) (Archived)
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PkmTrainerAbram153/3 9:48PM
Question about repel and levels and synchronize and stuff (Archived)Doctor_Spanky33/3 9:46PM
What is the Worst Ability in the game? (Poll)
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SorrySleeping203/3 9:43PM
Order the Pokemon generations best to worse in your opinion (Archived)
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AvengerV293/3 9:42PM
How do you handle defeats due to hax? (Archived)
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Caolan_2k9483/3 9:39PM
How bad would Ice/Steel typing be? (Archived)
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Jo145123/3 9:37PM