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Do U consider this cheating if U trade so U can evolve ur Pokemon duringNuzlocke (Archived)Chenmaster291/28 11:14PM
Deoxys vs Mewtwo (Poll)
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Caolan_2k9241/28 11:10PM
Good bulky water types besides Rotom-W? (Archived)
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YveItaI211/28 11:08PM
Best Of Legendaries: Part 5, Hoenn Edition 1 (Regis) (Poll)
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minun73221/28 11:01PM
I Think We're Getting PokeBank Tonight (Archived)
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Sotiros572531/28 11:01PM
I can't understand why some moves just don't have perfect accuracy. (Archived)TC983481/28 11:00PM
This is Hopeless.... (Archived)
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Reshiblue201/28 10:53PM
Does Mewtwo have any worth (Archived)
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PKDonut617121/28 10:53PM
Is this worth doing? (Archived)Number4391/28 10:50PM
Is there a list of viable mons using gen 5 exclusive moves? (Archived)FryDays500011/28 10:47PM
I just saw Magcargo's Sapphire entry for the first time (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_591/28 10:36PM
Is it considered bad sport to use Mewtwo? (Archived)FMALuciferOD51/28 10:34PM
What should I name my (male) Kingdra? (Archived)SomeLikeItHoth101/28 10:29PM
We should buy a bar (Archived)Luigi4President51/28 10:26PM
Smogon people are patient enough to hatch tens of thousands of eggs (Archived)kadabrium71/28 10:23PM
ITT: Favorite Pokemon-Amie animations (Archived)
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kirbymariomega201/28 10:23PM
Lucario and Zoroark as a double battle team can it work? (Archived)tremain0741/28 10:20PM
Question about my Xerneas (Archived)Bushido2061/28 10:15PM
WiFi and Separate 3DSs... (Archived)deoxyscyclone51/28 10:13PM
Are there any event areas like Newmoon Island/Hall of Origin/Liberty Garden? (Archived)MellowLyricist31/28 10:13PM