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Sooo... I just bought X version, already beat Y. (Archived)LAN_Shark61/26 5:57PM
Serperior rotom-w check? (Archived)Houdinidope41/26 5:51PM
Jessica Nigri gave me a 6 IV Ditto from Hoenn (Archived)
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OrangeCrush980631/26 5:51PM
Favorite Generation of Legendaries (Poll)
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RemembranceSky111/26 5:50PM
Dragonite. Best Battler Ever (Archived)
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giants9281281/26 5:49PM
I don't think my 6iv Ditto really is 6iv (Archived)jakenlucas71/26 5:43PM
Are 6IV dittos still worth alot... (Archived)
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starunlimited301/26 5:43PM
How would you get a 5 IV Golurk in gen V? (Archived)Xavuu91/26 5:42PM
Mold Breaker Pangoro (Archived)jofotran12341/26 5:42PM
Damn. I've burned out. (Archived)
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inavnwor221/26 5:42PM
My ghost team gets destroyed by Knock Off. (Archived)mech dragon11/26 5:33PM
What Fairies -- if any -- are destined for OU? (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform151/26 5:32PM
C/D: Gen 3's music is far and away the best music in the series. (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz291/26 5:30PM
Is this a good Typhlosion set? (Archived)Puppyfaic41/26 5:29PM
Pory2 tracing parental bond? (Archived)Mysticwarriormj71/26 5:26PM
Litwick with heat wave (Archived)Pikachu22231/26 5:26PM
This pokemon gets a mega, make one for it... (Archived)
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joey11223421/26 5:26PM
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dj4242151/26 5:22PM
Who needs Rotom-W (Archived)Ace8189291/26 5:21PM
Is breeding for a 6IV Gible worth it if it doesn't have rough skin? (Archived)kinode51/26 5:20PM