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Is this pokemon hacked? (Archived)
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Kivanya123/2 9:00PM
Fact: gen 6 is the best for wifi battles. (Archived)LightningAce1143/2 9:00PM
Is there a physical defense variant of Assault Vest? (Archived)
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SilentSeph133/2 8:52PM
Terrakion! (Archived)FinalInsanity53/2 8:48PM
YR: Pokecheck cancels Gen 6 support (Archived)
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FightingPolygon253/2 8:44PM
Twitch plays Pokemon is one of the most overrated things ever (Archived)BalloonBattle0543/2 8:38PM
Nothing resists Guts boosted Facade from Swellow. (Archived)
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Cpt_Calamity353/2 8:37PM
What Pokemon should I giveaway? (Poll)AwkwardTurtle2693/2 8:37PM
Disappearing Pokemon (Archived)DKU_Arich43/2 8:33PM
Just did my first battle with my friend, I noticed it capped us at Lvl. 50? (Archived)ajko00073/2 8:31PM
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Trick Room Idea (Archived)Heracross1773/2 8:29PM
Nurse Joy is such a cutie in this game. (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo233/2 8:26PM
Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and DKC Returns 3D. Which do you recommend? (Archived)
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Ron_Burgandy_193/2 8:22PM
Screw you Golett!!! (Archived)playingrobot53/2 8:17PM
why did skarmbliss forums die? (Archived)wehomies63/2 8:15PM
Watching twitch made me notice one thing. (Archived)
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ZeldaTPLink163/2 8:12PM