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When will Game Freak grow some gyro balls and make an atomic bomb pokemon? (Archived)
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wolf rider293/3/2014
Idea for IVs... (Archived)
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Blue Harvest hit a new low today. (Archived)
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Do you think Masuda will direct Pokemon games in the foreseeable future? (Archived)
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What they should have done with Pokebank is (Archived)PaganDrumGod63/3/2014
Garbodor cant learn poison jab WTFH (Archived)
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how fast must a pokemon be to outspeed most things when you have sticky web set? (Archived)dioxxys13/3/2014
If I am using a sandrush sandslash... (Archived)bladedwraith133/3/2014
At how many boxes/eggs is it appropriate to complain about no shiny results? (Archived)Hydreigoon53/3/2014
Ball animations? (Archived)shaqattacks63/3/2014
Trump card question (Archived)sonicths1fan63/3/2014
Polemon X & Y competitive Sun team with Mega Charizard Y? (Archived)Carlos8299773/3/2014
Remember when Sylveon was definitely not a new type that wasn't going to happen? (Archived)HHDeception103/3/2014
O.O imma name my Sylveon (Archived)Dante204953/3/2014
Awh, maaaaaan.. (Archived)
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A few basic questions about this game. (Archived)ajko00033/3/2014
Kyurem Form or Kyurem Forme? (Archived)moltres_rider53/3/2014
PokeBattle bans Pokemon? (Archived)
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Can AZ's Floette be used in the Battle Maisen/Institute? (Archived)-Unowninator-63/3/2014
Any way for this Yveltal to be useful? (Archived)MrSaturn153/3/2014