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hatched 6iv Ferroseed with stealth rock. (Archived)Miz_iZ_AwSOme_X73/1 6:11PM
I love the models a lot, but the backgrounds leave a lot to be desired. (Archived)360pages73/1 6:11PM
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Zygarde IV. Should I keep? (Archived)Michael_FF543/1 5:58PM
I pray to arceus whenever I battle a swagkey (Archived)ArcXenos43/1 5:58PM
Magic Bounce Espeon 252SP, 70SpA, 182HP (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Reggie_Evans133/1 5:55PM
I still don't get something about perfect IVs.... (Archived)
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WhiteBaitKent123/1 5:55PM
Help me pick a Rapid Spinner/Defogger for my team? (Archived)
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Noxatrox113/1 5:49PM
You can't trade shiny Victini, Celebi and all the other shiny locked pokemon. (Archived)
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deidara21143/1 5:42PM
Who's your go-to electric type? (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob533/1 5:40PM
Ability Rater Day 71: Analytic (Poll)ssupermario92103/1 5:32PM
Is anyone else having problems getting onto serebii? (Archived)mushman12323/1 5:32PM
Random pokemon question (Archived)jake141333/1 5:14PM
How would you rate/improve my team? (Archived)super_taco_ftw33/1 5:08PM
Damn wth did they do to Mewtwo.. (Archived)
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Dredj333/1 5:08PM
Now that blazikens no longer protect when switched into a khan (Archived)kadabrium23/1 5:08PM
How come with Super Training... (Archived)Reggie_Evans43/1 5:04PM
I miss battling at level 100. (Archived)Chenmaster213/1 4:56PM