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Now that more people have Bank Legendaries... (Archived)TableFlip42/4 5:01PM
Sassy Nature on Celebi (Archived)faireytayl12/4 4:55PM
Would you like a Pokemon based off of a guitar? (Archived)InnerSolace102/4 4:55PM
Still no pokemon bank in OCE (Archived)
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GaaraSama69142/4 4:53PM
*drools* (Archived)KaraCharizard1242/4 4:47PM
Were there any Pokebank Prophets in December that predicted no Bank until Feb? (Archived)PhantasmShot32/4 4:46PM
im an american and i dont care that EU has bank first (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami372/4 4:46PM
power up punch or bulk up for lucario (Archived)setokaiba40042/4 4:43PM
What's the one thing you want to change in X/Y's sequel? (Archived)
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shinyzxerneas152/4 4:43PM
Flat Rules/Bring 6 Pick 4 Doubles > Smogon Doubles (Archived)GaleWings-Ho-Oh32/4 4:42PM
Anyone more irritated about this than Bank? (Archived)RegalPlague72/4 4:39PM
Im American and I understand. (Archived)sahilmohammad62/4 4:38PM
I dont understand all the Diggersby hate (Archived)
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djmetal777202/4 4:37PM
YR: Natures get changed to -20% in one stat and +10% to two different stats. (Archived)
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SorrySleeping212/4 4:36PM
I lost all hope in gamefreak i predict a riot soon (Archived)
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djmetal777132/4 4:34PM
Umbreon help (Archived)saintofniceness102/4 4:33PM
Hawlucha is my new favorite Pokemon. (Archived)Judgmenl102/4 4:32PM
Best Nature/Ability for Eeveelutions? (Archived)eurytomid42/4 4:31PM
So this is what to do to transfer Pokemon via Pokebank. (Archived)
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Safer_777132/4 4:29PM
Make your own Fairy-type move! (Archived)hugo-n-kisses12/4 4:27PM