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Clefable set (such a versatile pokemon) (Archived)
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Which gen did it the best? Day 47 - Legendary Pokemon Lairs (Poll)
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ThatKipp181/26 8:03PM
Move set for Iron Fist Infernape? (Archived)fuzzionterms81/26 8:02PM
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List your most annoying Pokemon in the Maison! (Archived)
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Carlos994521/26 7:59PM
Cloned Shiny or legit competitve pokemon trade (Archived)PokeDutyV221/26 7:58PM
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What does Delphox say? (Archived)
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IngSlayer111/26 7:57PM
Any way to discard the punching bags from Super Training? (Archived)mech dragon41/26 7:57PM
Finally completed the national dex (Archived)mazarate81/26 7:53PM
To buff grass types, Grass should ABSORB WATER!!! (Archived)
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MechaKirby161/26 7:48PM
son of a b****! (Archived)
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Contradictator371/26 7:42PM
Want to see two annoyer teams battling...? (Archived)Jrsteg21/26 7:41PM
Blastoise should carry roar (Archived)2Anonymous4You41/26 7:35PM
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Help me build a somewhat gimmicky Doubles Team. (Archived)
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RainboomBox151/26 7:22PM
Haze or Mirror Coat for Milotic? (Archived)BurnedPotatoes41/26 7:20PM
I nicknamed my mega khan ''My heart". (Archived)kadabrium81/26 7:18PM