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I just completed the National Pokedex, where should I go? (Archived)
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BritGirl191/26 4:12AM
Who Would Win: Sweet Battle (Poll)Mx4_120471/26 3:34AM do i use Scizor/M.Scizor? (Archived)JudgeMaster71/26 3:28AM
pokegen kalos bred pokemon? (Archived)roxxuss61/26 3:22AM
That Trade Board.... (Archived)
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mandydgls211/26 2:55AM
Yawn glitch? (Archived)DeceitfulRain31/26 2:50AM
Your thoughts... we finally get to go to Hoenn but... (Archived)
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TheSnubbz291/26 2:40AM
When are they gonna hurry up and make something like PokeGen for the 3DS? (Archived)
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Windyligth321/26 2:32AM
Horseeeaaaaaaaa.............. (Archived)deoxyscyclone11/26 2:30AM
Help with trade (Archived)The_wanderer24721/26 2:24AM
So i just bred 2 charmanders.... (Archived)GravelKing91/26 2:14AM
Can't tell if this Articuno is shiny.. (Archived)MikeH718661/26 2:10AM
If pokebank doesn't come out/if they take it down again. (Archived)
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LightningAce11111/26 2:07AM
Breeding for HA (Archived)WSTW3DS51/26 2:05AM
Will your rage level rise over 9000 if bank gets taken out again b4 we get it!? (Archived)SageKabuto51/26 1:50AM
The reason hating cloners is selfish. (Archived)AeternaNocturne71/26 1:46AM
When/How did you get into competitive battling? (Archived)
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LightningAce11291/26 1:43AM
checking IV's (Archived)
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jostamy111/26 1:27AM
What's a good set for physically defensive Cofagrigus? (Archived)GalaxyEmperor21/26 1:26AM
So I'm Pokedex grinding for the Oval Charm (Archived)xrayscope101/26 1:24AM