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Describe your ideal Pokemon game! (Archived)
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Shigmiya64242/25 8:55PM
Gamefreak should give every Mega evolution Unburden (Archived)srzg82/25 8:54PM
Have you failed making the beds on time because (Poll)keyos2792/25 8:52PM
Why are people releasing pokemon while attempting a Wonderlocke? (Archived)Isaac198732/25 8:50PM
Suppose the moveslot limitation was removed (Archived)
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Taimanin_Asagi132/25 8:49PM
what the **** (Archived)
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ForeverZero8888112/25 8:46PM
Anyone here remember that guy that got... (Archived)tarzanmx62/25 8:44PM
Curse you Hidden Power Water (Archived)
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MrFingers07152/25 8:41PM
Looking for someone that might be about to start a new playthrough....... (Archived)
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paipr192/25 8:37PM
If you where to rank types from 1-5, with 1 being worst, and 5 being best...? (Archived)
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paipr142/25 8:33PM
Doesn't Pokerus make going EV's easier? (Archived)
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sockrox122/25 8:17PM
Getting a Tyrantitar. (Archived)bladedwraith92/25 8:15PM
My idea for a new Amie activity (Archived)matdsotm392/25 8:10PM
Fire Pokemon should be immune to FRZ (Archived)TheFAQKing92/25 8:10PM
Your Reaction: Confusion mechanics change... (Poll)
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NeoNaviZero222/25 8:04PM
Does GF purposely gimp the endgame of the first two games in a gen... (Archived)_MasterYoshi_22/25 8:00PM
How exactly would having both a Physical and Digital copy of X work? (Archived)GreatHammurabi62/25 7:56PM
Lol sorry if old, but look at the official pokemon usage. (Archived)
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Xavuu132/25 7:55PM
Is there any sure-fire win to win a battle (Archived)
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fedartz292/25 7:48PM
What is your Mandibuzz's summary like? (Archived)KokoFlow62/25 7:42PM