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If you could be a pokemon character (humans) who would it be? (Archived)
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SoulRequiem2111/24 6:58AM
Starmie laughs at Aurorus! (Archived)
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hodelino301/24 6:54AM
My Tormentor Still Has The Right Stuff (Troll Key Better Hold Onto His Butt) (Archived)metroidfan98791/24 6:53AM
Good name for a male Krookodile? (Archived)
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DragonDeoxys111/24 6:41AM
Pretty neat Scizor set (Archived)cocomunga51/24 6:31AM
Rotom-H tank- Def or Sp.Def? (Archived)toon_link_34661/24 6:22AM
Thank you Gamefreak for not giving us an item transporter. (Archived)
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sonofcasbah131/24 6:14AM
If you can live in the pokeworld (Poll)
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PrettyTonyTiger541/24 6:03AM
Releasing pokemon with item? (Archived)Exorcist77751/24 6:01AM
Man people trade anything for Gen 2 starters. (Archived)sesshomaru_5561/24 5:56AM
POKEMOn BANK (Archived)
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RemembranceSky151/24 5:37AM
I don't give a **** about Pokemon Bank. (Archived)
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IngSlayer371/24 5:37AM
Traded a Vivillon for a Rayquaza on the GTS! :D (Archived)Relm_Arrowny_8751/24 5:23AM
I want Pokemon Bank RIGHT NOW. (Archived)PhantasmShot61/24 5:23AM
Breeding Gravelers, Machokes, Haunters, Boldores, Gurrdurrs... (Archived)Safari_Dude71/24 5:22AM
Looking for nickname aid. (Archived)
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Cornholioam251/24 5:11AM
So did gamefreak really state why they didn't allow item transfers in the bank? (Archived)
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Houle111/24 5:09AM
Hello Kitty and My Melody would be a great Pokemon (Archived)fedartz31/24 5:08AM
Can't name my Jigglypuff "Bible Thump". (Archived)
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100Dumplings161/24 4:53AM
4th move for non-Rapid Spin Excadrill? (Archived)KazeRonin35751/24 4:51AM