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Best item for Jolteon? (Poll)
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Salamence Vs Dragonite Vs Charazard Vs Braviary (Archived)
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Dows transferred Pokemon count for Kalos dex completion? (Archived)NDN_Shadow43/2/2014
Stoutland vs Forretress (Archived)vinhamon23/2/2014
Changing region for Vivillion. (Archived)Vakturion23/2/2014
Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal (Archived)
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Rate my Team? (Archived)
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I need a pokemon with a strong priority more and a multiple hit move. (Archived)TheFAQKing83/2/2014
If you add someone for friend safari, then de-friend them, do you still have it? (Archived)iammaxhailme43/2/2014
AZ's Floette makes no sense (Archived)
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Will AD's Floette be able to evolve? (Archived)Sebas2733/2/2014
Nintendo Free Offer allows you to Clone pokemon? (Archived)Amourshipping53/2/2014
ITT: Pokemon that should be banned (Archived)
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2D Sprites > 3D Models (Archived)
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a few questions related to poke transporter and pokedit (Archived)sioshi283/2/2014
Best inanimate object pokemon (pre evo) (Poll)
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Please help with my first UU team! (Archived)KokoFlow73/2/2014
I have Pokemon Y and qualify for a free Pokemon X. But I'm bored of X/Y. (Archived)
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How much does gender of the Pokemon matter when making your team? (Archived)
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I don't get Pokemon Creepypastas (Archived)Doctor_Spanky83/2/2014