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Regarding Excadrill and Stealth Rock (Archived)Elementalmonkey52/10 3:30PM
Did Samurott get anything neat this gen to make him more viable? (Archived)
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ODomm152/10 3:30PM
Badass pokemon you find adorable? (Archived)
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djmetal777382/10 3:30PM
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Rate my item idea out of 10 & help me think of a name for it. (Poll)-Unowninator-22/10 3:25PM
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Why is the term Pocket Monster never used in any games here in the US? (Archived)
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YamiJustin132/10 3:24PM
Arcanine (Poll)
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Puppyfaic132/10 3:17PM
Cahrizard Y EV training help? (Archived)Samurontai52/10 3:16PM
Baby Pokemon in Friend Safaris? (Archived)
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jayman7182/10 3:14PM
Bwaaah...I can't stop breeding. (Archived)
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hodelino232/10 3:13PM
Typhlosion can egg move Flare Blitz?! (Archived)Blingya2592/10 3:12PM
New level of trolling online (Archived)3DSRec82/10 3:08PM
Hey everyone! Pokemon bank is out in the US! (Archived)
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CarefreeDude222/10 3:05PM
Does the game detect what 2DS/3DS you're using to play? (Archived)Vivisqeq52/10 3:02PM
I think my Y version may have fallen out of my pocket somewhere in public. (Archived)
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MegaMettaur172/10 2:59PM
Shellos/Frillish Breeding for living pokedex (Archived)JelDeRebel32/10 2:55PM
YR: All eeveelutions now get a gale wings equivalent for their respective type. (Archived)
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HHDeception192/10 2:46PM
Lucario Moveset (Archived)Toughest42/10 2:43PM