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Tips to Improve my Troll Paraflinch Team (Showdown replay included) (Archived)
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chunkyshtew421/23 6:35PM
What are the Pokemon in this game that you can get their Hidden Ability only (Archived)inTaCtfuL51/23 6:33PM
IV's undermine the themes of Pokemon. (Archived)
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SilentS89641/23 6:27PM
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Charizard Y is the greatest Pokemon ever (Archived)
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iKhan88191/23 6:12PM
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Can Greninja learn Ice Shard via egg? (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr21/23 5:59PM
My competitive team help.... (Archived)Fidchel41/23 5:57PM
So why are Valerie/Grant/Siebold grouped together by Japanese artists (Archived)
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NME_Enterprises181/23 5:57PM
OH man a shiny zorua in 2 eggs (Archived)
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impossible2beat171/23 5:56PM
Watch as we cannot bring our items over to the next gen again. (Archived)Chenmaster231/23 5:55PM
Little pokebank video I made to show how you don't actually NEED pokebank. (Archived)
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DunnoBro181/23 5:54PM