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Do grass types bring fear into your very soul? (Archived)
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Wow..."Lance's Garchomp" from HeartGold made it through Bank... (Archived)
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Skyminxyz122/10 3:47PM
i require assistance, is there anything wrong with this team? (Archived)SkylightNight102/10 3:47PM
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Clefable with stored power - toxic or attract (Archived)Aurawhisperer82/10 3:37PM
female DW starters legit? (Archived)toothpiq42/10 3:37PM
After finally playing Colosseum... (Archived)
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2BECOME1372/10 3:36PM
Pokegen Question? (Archived)ExpiredAir32/10 3:35PM
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Regarding Excadrill and Stealth Rock (Archived)Elementalmonkey52/10 3:30PM
Did Samurott get anything neat this gen to make him more viable? (Archived)
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ODomm152/10 3:30PM
Badass pokemon you find adorable? (Archived)
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djmetal777382/10 3:30PM
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Rate my item idea out of 10 & help me think of a name for it. (Poll)-Unowninator-22/10 3:25PM