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How can I enter the Beta Competition? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon192/19 10:00AM
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Favourite Pokemon: Part 9: The Pseudo Legendary (Poll)
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toad878132/19 9:52AM
Charizard's nature (Archived)Xtreme Gamer52/19 9:43AM
wow, trying to get a good modest xerneas and i got this (Archived)
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Tryin2GetDaPipe232/19 9:34AM
Smogon (Archived)Ace81892102/19 9:33AM
Name thing you dislike about this game or the gen/game still lacks. (Archived)
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Gallade22632/19 9:30AM
So while doing the Time Machine Method (Archived)kagenoronin8772/19 9:27AM
What are some Items I want to carry over into my next game (Archived)mushman12332/19 9:25AM
Quick HA QS (Archived)
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PokeMaster211172/19 9:17AM
This is my first Pokemon game. Can you tell me how great it is? (Archived)rockman11_z62/19 9:14AM
This is why if you see venomoth switching in you shouldnt stay in (Archived)kadabrium12/19 9:12AM
Any Central Illinois Pokemon Players?! (Archived)whitetigerak12/19 9:12AM
I want to get all legendary in the pokedex. (Archived)Golbez_Omega22/19 9:11AM
That RNG (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis42/19 9:06AM
I might restart my game and do a Pidgeot solo to honor Twitch Plays Pokemon (Archived)Ryo_Hayakawa72/19 9:05AM
Hawluchas nicknamed "Rey Mysterio" (Archived)Byxis772/19 8:51AM
LF: Someone with a battle maison AI friend with Typhlosion.... (Archived)
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Jeremy28162232/19 8:37AM