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4-Player Free-For-All Battle Videos! Multi Battle with a simple tweak :D (Archived)
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Raltrios811/25 10:16PM
Building a team around... (Archived)deoxyscyclone51/25 10:11PM
So has anyone found out what the 5th stone in the Fossil Lab does? (Archived)Biased_Gamer31/25 10:02PM
Secret to hatching shinies (Archived)
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BaronBisclavret131/25 10:01PM
Porygon-Z is hilarious to play with in Amie. (Archived)
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ssbmrocks111/25 10:00PM
Pick a number between 1-10 before entering... (Archived)
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Second_Hokage341/25 10:00PM
so I just hatched a shiny meowth... (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob81/25 9:58PM
flareon nature (Archived)ShootingRistar81/25 9:55PM
Care to share your collection? (Archived)
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Kapuxa131/25 9:53PM
Rate and help me with my Sylveons' movesets (Archived)hugo-n-kisses41/25 9:51PM
Should I bother training this Tangela? (Archived)DarkHeroZX31/25 9:46PM
Question on IVs (Archived)
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jeof96121/25 9:44PM
Y/R: There is a crossover of... (Archived)GangstaLizard9531/25 9:42PM
Can someone teach my Seedot Explosion? (Archived)Ilikewisconsin11/25 9:41PM
ITT: We write a letter to Gamefreak, five words at a time. (Archived)
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KaraCharizard12421/25 9:38PM
Best starters tournament round 6: Kalos (Poll)SegavsCapcom101/25 9:38PM
X/Y - Where can Legendaries be exactly used? (Archived)Nightstar199451/25 9:35PM
So my shipment order was between 5-10 days maybe I need to be more patient. (Archived)Chenmaster291/25 9:31PM
First time on Competitive Scene(OU): Help a Newbie make a team (Archived)
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jeof96271/25 9:22PM
Is there an easy way to train your pet to level 100 without E4? (Archived)Kadoatie71/25 9:22PM