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the most relevant change to the metagame (Poll)
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Tatakai-No-Kami142/15 8:00PM
What's up with the genders of friends on Multi Battles? (Archived)
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Miggi3Fr3sh112/15 7:59PM
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I use Destiny Knot, but I still get four IVs (Archived)
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NoisyPepper422/15 7:39PM
Augh I just killed a shiny Ledyba. (Archived)Shigmiya6472/15 7:39PM
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Lead Weavile Moveset? (Archived)
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LMFBO112/15 7:10PM
Anyone else think this gen is the coolest E4? (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo292/15 7:09PM
The wild Graveler held on with Sturdy! (Archived)
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CakeOfLies122/15 7:09PM
Add 100 BST to any Pokemon in any way... (Poll)
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TalesOfXAndY742/15 7:07PM
Favorite form of Eevee? (Poll)
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Madsoldie44202/15 7:01PM
Best heatran to defeat other heatrans ? (Archived)ArcXenos52/15 6:57PM
Sore losers (Showdown replay) (Archived)TheRamosOnline72/15 6:57PM