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Dear hackers and anti-hackers (Poll)
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How Do I Use Mega Garchomp? (Archived)mrballerswaggin102/28/2014
So I need ideas for something... (Archived)Jillipenny92/28/2014
So, what is the general opinion on the anime? (Archived)
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what would you think if they added starters who eventually evolves into dragon? (Archived)mj_webb22/28/2014
Someone took a screenshot of a Shiny AZ Floette (Archived)
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Okay, can someone explain to me how the **** this happened in a recent battle? (Archived)
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Shiny Togekiss Sucks! (Archived)
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Now that females can pass moves via breeding... (Archived)MindwalkerX32/28/2014
Even after sunlight is gone, Cherrim remains in Flower Gift form in rotations. (Archived)legendrider82/28/2014
So if I use Choice Scarf Imposter Ditto, do IVs even matter? (Archived)
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Need help building a Calm Lugia. (Archived)Kelystic82/28/2014
Cant get pokebuilder pokemon to transfer. (Archived)imthestuntman102/28/2014
C/D Disconnecters should have their game deleted after extensive repetition (Archived)
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Help with these pokemon? (Archived)GamerGirlx392/28/2014
Zangoose hordes (Archived)Ky_the_Cat62/28/2014
Twitch plays Pokemon vs The Elite Four (Archived)Gamefaqsora52/28/2014
so i was looking at snover line.... (Archived)
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Suggested movesets/items for postgame and multiplayer? (Archived)swordoflight8662/28/2014
Zygarde's Land's Wrath (Archived)
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