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I have a couple Pokemon questions..... (Archived)-Raven63/2/2014
granbull Vs Gardevoir Vs dedenne (Archived)GTthunder53/2/2014
Sceptile should get a physical Mega evolution (Archived)AvengerV83/2/2014
When you think about it Ghost/Fairy and Dark/Fairy are some of the best coverage (Archived)
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What's a good defensive core that includes Avalugg? (Archived)Faust_843/2/2014
After beating the game (Archived)OldSkoola00133/2/2014
Quick question on Aegislash utility... (Archived)alienhamster23/2/2014
Question about the Ability Super Luck (Archived)Ryutto143/2/2014
How fo i transfer items got on pokemilage club to my game? (Archived)wwwgippal233/2/2014
Anyone Hunt for Their PINs? (Free Pokemon Game Offer) (Archived)Estheimaster73/2/2014
Best use for a Timid Eevee (Archived)Vivisqeq43/2/2014
Is this feebas useless? (Archived)
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Veteran with legendary pokemon!!! WTF!!? (Archived)CloudStrife1Alt103/2/2014
So I deposited a bunch of Pokemon into Pokebank during the free trial... (Archived)NOM53/2/2014
With Gen V WiFi being shut down soon, is there anything I'm going to miss? (Archived)Ulevo23/2/2014
Questions about Spiky Shield. (Archived)jEr3mY63/2/2014
Is battle analyzer back? (Archived)DrakJay43/2/2014
Anyone have an action Replay power saves 3ds? (Archived)AzureKite1873/2/2014
Ummm what? (Archived)Flaring-Nova23/2/2014
So... I was browsing through ebay and... (Archived)MotleyKhon23/2/2014
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